anti-bio resistance

“Your iron is low, oh so low,

just take this supplement, it will help the tempo

because you’re not losing weight as your thyroid is slow,

so if you just lose some weight, you’ll help yourself glow

with vitality, and something else French sounding…”

no, wait, that was my mind screeching

to a day dreaming side step

and I have a few questions now, about the sound of us pretending
we have the time matching
this fee that you’re charging
to “bedazzle” me with reasoning
while just reading something
from the back

of a sample drug pack


“why is my iron low?

Is it because of my liver, that it just doesn’t know

that my thyroid is struggling

with what doesn’t grow

our minds and our spirits,

and I would go on


but I’m tired”




(featured image from


  1. Reading your words made me feel tired for you, and I’m listening to the music it’s quite relaxing, and I’m still from my drug intake last night, far too much bubbly yeast stuff……


    1. Hi Ivor.
      Sounds like you had a good night last night? πŸ™‚

      I love Tame Impala. And it’s best with head phones/ear plugs. It’s so interesting the way we hear music, I find it hard to listen to this without dancing, it’s quite energising to me πŸ™‚
      …plus the name and image just seemed to fit so perfectly.

      Hope you have had a nice day “recovering” from last night!


  2. Nicely written! You make it seem so effortless. It would take me days to come up with something like this. Literally days.

    Love Tame Impala!


      1. I think you’re very lucky! Being able to create naturally I mean. Do you feel that if you took more time you would deliver a far superior piece of writing?


        1. This is a good question I think a lot of people might ponder. (Er not about me haha, I mean, generally).
          Even when I was a kid at school, I didn’t do too many drafts of things in writing, it went around in my head for quite a while before hand, and I preferred to write it out when I thought all the pieces were in place. As an adult that still happens, but more sub consciously as well.
          And it depends on the piece. I have taken more time with others, when I wanted to make more of an effort with eloquence, cough. But I am torn about the time thing etc, if I spend too much, then sometimes I can lose that initial passion etc. And I do this blog as an outlet and for connection, not to become rich and famous πŸ™‚ Obviously hahaha

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          1. I think that’s a great mindset. And something I need to re-remember constantly! Remaining true to your original decision/reason to start blogging often gets away from me. Every time you post something it should be seen through that lens…

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  3. This post was anything but anemic in writing prowess!
    I was only just discussing thyroid issues with a blogging friend this morning, and thinking about how I threw my function off with ridiculous amounts of raw kale! Haha! That’s the trouble with being too healthy right?
    Iron drenched hugs of Va Va Voom energy for you sweet V ❀️

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            1. hahaha oh the things that bond people.
              I don’t remember ever liking Nutrigrain. Also because I think they confused the word “iron” with “sugar” 😁 and I never liked sweet cereals. Well, except maybe Fruit loops every now and then when I was little.

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              1. Hahaha yes… that misnomer of β€œNutri”!
                Oh we were not given the option of Fruit Loops … so blatantly dessert rather than breakfast.
                But Coco Pops…. that was dessert at any time of the day for the Korlaet girls!

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                  1. Obesity and diabetes rates continue to soar in many communities in Nth America. I’ll never understand how the corporations making the yummy junk avoid litigation to recover soaring health costs. Oh, serious topic alert! πŸ˜‰

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                    1. Serious, and big…yikes, it’s like the whole FB/social media thing really, I mean, they purposely do research on addictive behaviours etc, hidden ingredients and on and on it goes. haha now you are tapping more into my thoughts about my post last night…those bottom lines…those powerlines…etc

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                    2. I think our minds are whirring on the same frequency now. I’m blown away by the research and algorithms applied to find creepy details about us online! Even to make me run and hide under a blanket. With my phone of course 🀣

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    1. Thanks Gina! I appreciate your thoughtful moments.
      This is also metaphorical, for so many things that were swimming around. Just thinking about my iron levels got it started ha.
      (I went to a doctor, who told me to take a supplement. No other testing etc. It didn’t help. So I went to my natural health practitioner, who gave me a supplement in a much more easily digestible form, with other nourishing things for my liver etc, as well as other things to help with chronic pain from trauma and it made a difference literally overnight.
      Let’s say I am a fan of holistic health care πŸ™‚ )


      1. I had a good naturopath when I lived in Auckland. sadly none comparable here. there are some but more towards chinese herb therapy that doesn’t work for me. I am glad yours gives you excellent solutions.

        yes I am borderline anemic. I take iron, zinc etc, it helps me.

        your thoughts are very divergent! I like how your poetry evolves! blessed week ahead my dear🌺

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        1. I understand! had two incredible naturopaths in Colorado, who I really miss. Their general knowledge was amazing. The one I see now, is an old friend, so we both get therapy from just visiting and catching up with each other as well πŸ™‚
          I’m glad if that helps Gina! You have a lot on your plate
          And thank you! times two! πŸ˜€
          Also for you dear Gina

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    1. Exactly! That cursed pharmaceutical treadmill!Sigh, it is truly, quite the health “industry”. It isn’t about cures, it’s about bandaids, to keep the humungous profits flowing and a lot of people in very high paying jobs. (imho). I should probably stop now. But it does seem that anyone altruistic who starts out, ends up being completely swallowed in this monster of a machine.


      1. It really does.
        I agree
        The only situation where it has helped me is the antiseizure meds. They have had no adverse affects and just stopped the grand mal seizures. I think that’s a rarity though

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        1. I’m so glad to hear that Bethany! Really. And I should say the same thing. My sister finally got her meds sorted out so her seizures stopped. It took years though, and after she got a new doctor who figured out she was actually overdosing!. Once that was adjusted, it changed her life.
          Sigh, I have just become so jaded. And you have much more reason than I! I admire your tenacity πŸ™‚


  4. This makes perfect sense, Vanessa, and I enjoyed it very much. I feel that we should solve all our problems with a range of chemicals. And perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that I’m doing that currently with an inordinate amount of Pinot Gris. Changing the subject marginally, I am concerned that climate change is ending the world, and currently Australia. I find the PG helps. Sadly, drunk commenting is no different to drunk dialling … but I do enjoy your poetry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Steve, I love your drunk commenting. πŸ˜€ Much more enjoyable and thought provoking than a lot of other drunk chats I have been involved in…
      Ah PG…a rather lovely French sounding side step if you ask me!
      sigh…yes, this drought…it’s an unfortunate thing in humanity though, that we do tend to show our best sides during times of great distress, we come together in such admirable ways (and yes, I am bragging about the Aussie spirit πŸ™‚ ) and live in a community spirit in ways I think we should be living all of the time.

      And you know already, that I am truly honoured you enjoy my writing. Thank you so much! Cheers my friend!

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      1. Thanks, Vanessa, and you’re very welcome. I guess not that intoxicated: one has to be able to type (and find the keyboard) 😜. I love the way you see the good side of everything, while I see the world burning (just read the news from Europe and California) and open a bottle of wine. Cheers (actually I’m all out).

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