3 day music/lyric challenge – day 3

Thank you for nominating me dear Ivor

(There are a couple of minutes of chatting at the beginning I have cut off,  the song is only 3-4 mins long).

I thought I would nominate anyone who is taking the time to read and/or listen to my music challenge posts. I am interested in all of your choices. No pressure/obligation of course❤

8 thoughts on “3 day music/lyric challenge – day 3

    1. I know, right, I love the casual vibe of it, then these angel voices appear. I wish Katie’s voice picked up a little more though on the mic.
      It’s funny, I was actually going to post Nirvana’s Territorial Pissings, I’ve loved that for ages. but for some reason this popped into my head.
      Three songs is not enough 😝
      I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🥂

      Liked by 1 person

hi. friendly banter is always welcome.

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