Today a friend just sent me some information on “Smart Meters”  (we have just had one installed recently, not our decision as we don’t own our house). When we first started using wifi in our home, I noticed an increase in headaches, neck aches, brain fog and fatigue, memory confusion and loss (in myself, not generally 😝) so I made sure to switch it off at night. Since we have had this meter installed, those have increased, and I have even been  feeling burning sensations. I had heard bits and pieces about how suspicious these meters are, but I guess I had no idea just how bad it is until doing more reading about it today.

I have just started watching this documentary and only ten minutes in, I was so alarmed I thought I should share it.

*Edit. I have finished watching it…all I can say is, please take the time to watch it.



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    • There’s a movement that has started in the US, and the end of the movie explains more about that. But I am going to do some investigating for here…they have been so secretive about it all, just replacing them without anyone seemingly knowing anything about it all. For starters, I am going to get someone to measure the radiation coming from it. But I have heard that supposedly there is nothing to be done, they are going to be put in everywhere. Well, these brave Americans fought this one out. I hope we can do the same everywhere else!

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  1. By Golly, I’ve watched nearly half an hours worth, I’ll watch more laterer, Absolutely incredible so far… There must be something you can do to get the owner to remove the f***ing beastie….

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  2. I can believe it. I know that when I went for a month to Fogo Island Newfoundland where they just got hydro wires installed in the 70’s and the internet about 10 years ago you can feel the difference. I have never felt so clear-headed and inspired as when I was there. The island feels pure due to the lack of big shopping centres with 24hr. lights on. I could go on suffice to say we really don’t know how much we are harming ourselves with all the new technology.

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