Mar/re/ooh/na; verb; Let’s Dance

I went through the store trying to find a particular kind of eraser I used to love. Oh foolish me. All good products seem to disappear.
Thank you, but maybe not this eraser that spreads my mistakes around, magically darkening the crystallized regret to embed the paper with bloodied molecules of ridicule.
And you know how I hate melodrama…

I went home instead and started cleaning out some closets. So straight forward in theory. But I found all kinds of pieces that opened up holes in me. And filled them perfectly.
And then I emptied the pockets of an old purse I no longer used.
And there they were.
I had forgotten I used to carry them with me everywhere. I mean, you never know when you might need them.

How silly. I thought I had needed erasers.

“In Yolngu culture dance plays a pivotal role. There’s ceremonial dance, celebratory dance and then there’s Marryuna; to dance with no shame, to freestyle for the sheer elation of dancing.”



  1. Indisputable logic there, Vanessa. Thought-provoking, and instantly recognisable. I wonder whether I fail to see my past ridiculousness, or that’s what makes me treasure that type of memento. I no longer have all the colored chalk I used to carry from lecture to lecture, just in case. Extrapolating, how ridiculous am I still? And the eraser, spot on about ridicule. Why can’t we use white-out on parts of our lives? Nicely done.

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    1. You have past ridiculousness?? 🙀
      I love those soft erasers, so gently and efficiently do their work. But so hard to find! Darn it.
      And as grateful as I am for divine love, ugh, more soft erasers please!
      Are you ridiculous? I’ve never thought of you that way just from your writing!
      And thank you!

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      1. My pleasure, Vanessa. Maybe I mentioned that I have those cheap pens with an eraser on the end. The ink also disappears when you leave a hot coffee on it, so convenient. I try to hide it, but in truth, I am the embodiment of ridiculous. 🐒

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  2. I loved your tale of fossicking and adventurous discovering, hmmm, crayons, I remember them, didn’t the Leyland brothers use them too. And that song !!, you had my bum wiggling in my desk-chair.

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