his eyes cleared…

when he looked at her,

his eyes

carrying the caveats

of a thousand dreams,


and in just the right light

when she angled her perception,

her kaleidoscopic-ed name

he’d arranged

as invitation…


“…how rare, and beautiful it truly is, that we exist…”



and how quickly this year has gone. It was lovely to watch this beautiful video again. Life IS precious


    1. Reply

      Thank you so much! It really means the world to me when people think my writing is beautiful.
      And I do like writing short pieces…I think I am always afraid I will be boring…and I like the challenge of it.


    1. Reply

      Gina! How you warm my heart when I need it! Thank you so much! You’re so generous.
      And I’m beyond glad that it had that affect on you.
      I had forgotten about it, I really enjoyed watching it again.

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  1. Reply

    her kaleidoscopic-ed name
    he’d arranged
    as invitation…: I love these lines! I am not sure if this is how you meant it, but it leaves me with the question ‘is it really an invitation or is it just his impression?’

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    1. Reply

      Hi! Ugh have been having technical problems.

      I’m so glad you do, thanks. And your thoughts are really interesting, that could be another part to the story I wasn’t thinking of when I wrote it.

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        1. Reply

          Well, it was my hubby’s annual leave as well, so I have been back and forth while he was overseas visiting family. We also spent time at the beach, which was much needed, and just divine.

          And thank you, B! I really appreciate that!

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          1. Reply

            Ah! Time on the beach… This year, for the first time, I somehow managed not to spend a single moment at the beach, and I missed it so much.

            What are you doing to me on this rainy day!

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                    1. Has it?!! It’s been cloudy but no rain. We drove to the city today and it rained here! We’ll get home tomorrow so I’m hoping it’s rained there too! So thank you! 😆

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                    2. OH yay!!
                      not so great here…terrible wind, we had a dust storm, it’s cloudy and unseasonably cold. I don’t mind that, it’s the wind I detest. But it won’t last. It’s just been really bad for the poor farmers here.
                      Wind, now wind brings insanity…

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