what the? (edited)

Today I got a notification that a comment I made, under someone’s blog post, was liked. I read the comment and wondered when I wrote it as I had no memory of it. I clicked on it to go to the actual site, and I saw that it was made by someone else! But WP attributed it to me! Yikes!

Has this happened to anyone else? I am not tech savvy…

Here’s the post: Marge


Edit: My Admin bar also keeps disappearing when I go to my site and to some others…it seems to have affected my ability to “like” things as well. So apologies…I have read lovely things today, and the last couple of days, and haven’t been able to “like” them. I have contacted WP, so we will see.


    1. I heard back from WP and they said they found no unauthorised activity on my account, so have no idea how the notification thing happened.
      Resetting my web browser fixed the Admin bar problem fortunately, as I was unable to like or comment on a number of blogs. Frustrating!

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        1. So sorry Yassy. This was in my Spam folder. Having tech problems still…so strange. I changed my email address on here and now my profile picture is gone…time to back away from the computer!!

          Very happy to hear from you too! ❤✨🤗

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          1. Yeah , I am scared to do anything at all here, even profile pic. Things happen that I can’t understand so I let well alone. Hope your issues are solved soon. But keep at it till you are satisfied that all is well.


  1. In my experience WP goes through periods of instability, usually because it is updating its platform, but also when the WP platform is out of kilter with your software when that has been updated. So it plays up. Well that’s one issue.

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    1. Hi, thanks for that.
      I realised that’s what must’ve happened, the admin bar issue happened after my last update. As well as logging me out of my own site and random others. But the notification mistake really does seem weird to me.

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    1. Hiii!
      Eeeek yes, apparently! 😱🤓
      But WP said my account looks fine, maybe it’s the other person’s?
      Other issues seem web browser related… half fixed… ongoing… time for a cup of tea.

      Hoping things are okay in your universe? xo

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