Ms. Georgia Park We Are With You

I just can’t imagine!
(There’s a GFM page for Georgia and also one for others in the same building.)

A Global Divergent Literary Collective


Sudden Denouement is a community of special people. I don’t know if we would have made it without you. Collectively, we are working on how to be of assistance to one who has brought such joy to people all over the world. We have your back. More details will be forthcoming on how we can help be of assistance to Georgia in her time of need. Material things can be replaced, luckily you and your dog survived. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jasper Kerkau


We have established a GoFundMe for Georgia to help her right now as she has lost the majority of her belogings to this fire. Please do what you can to donate and if you can’t, please share our GoFundMe

A number of SD collective writers and members have stepped up to donate the next 3 months of their royalties to the rebuild efforts…

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    1. It’s a privilege OP. Saw it on Christine’s FB page…I am trying to spend a lot less time on there, but then I saw that and I could not believe it! It’s everyone’s nightmare…fire in the early morning…thank God no one was hurt! And as if she hasn’t been through so much already, oh my gosh.

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                    1. COULD.NOT.AGREE.MORE dear OP
                      Maybe even 99.9%Those anti bacterial wipes just can’t get that last .1%
                      hahaha but I do love Brooklyn Nine Nine…and yeah
                      Every day when I see news feeds on my computer I want to stab out my eyes for all of the celebrity news on there…ugh, don’t get me started…the Hollywood thing is one of my pet peeves lol πŸ’š
                      Let me rephrase that to Nice People on WP? With all the required doses of sarcasm and cynicism, also against my silly self, and geez how much do I hate my keyboad, plus that special touch of gratefulness for the wonderful people I have met on WP *insert smile with the sparkly tooth glint

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                    2. I know, right? Celebrity news, reality shows, it all makes me want to vomit….but what’s a guy to do? I just ignore it as best I can while still trying to not be a dinosaur as far pop culture goes with 2 teens in the house. I knew I liked you for good reasons πŸ™‚ Nice People on WP, I think I’d run out of blog entries since I don’t meet that many folks anymore.

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                    3. That is the question…what to do? It is so vomit inducing. Being sort of a dinosaur is A-ok…you don’t want to be like the Mom on Mean Girls πŸ™„
                      Here’s something you could do…have a beer (or not) and listen to Nirvana with me..just reposted something I had forgotten about. It’s so weird going back over old things, so much I had forgotten.
                      I’m not meeting too many either. Other things are taking priority, and that’s okay. I’ve always preferred quality to quantity anyways.
                      haha thanks, I like you too.

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                    4. I’ll have a beer and jam some Nirvana with ya anytime, anywhere! Old things you forget are sometimes the hardest to remember, ya know?
                      Quality over quantity is almost always preferable, unless you are drunk or stoned πŸ™‚

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