in honour of a birth (revisited)

Heaven takes a breath

then breathes out Love,

a Child wakens.

Bows of Colour


as the air filters a new Light.


by the Cosmic Embrace

of Humility,

the world changes depth


Music oxygenating

the space in between

the prostrating tears of angels and those



at the foot

of that mysterious cradle

of vulnerability


14 thoughts on “in honour of a birth (revisited)

      1. David Redpath says:

        Hi Vanessa. And yes, as all
        the hobbits in the Shire are asleep, the silent moonlight
        takes the soul to flight.
        The festivities now relagated to fond memories.
        You last post, Vanessa, a
        timely reminder of what
        truly eternally matters.

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        1. David Redpath says:

          Yes, home for Christmas.
          But packing for Nepal, and
          India. Flying out next week.
          Visiting an orphanage, and
          an old folks home in
          Kathmandu, delivering some
          aid. Then travelling down to
          Delhi. We’ll be there for India’s
          70th anniversary of Independence.
          Looking forward to the fireworks.

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        2. saynotoclowns says:

          Indeed…and the moon lately has been just beautiful.
          Ah, we try to festive through all 12 days, and then some 🙂

          Thanks David, this has been a really important Christmas for my family. I couldn’t not write something, or rather re-write.

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      1. says:

        I’ve been well. Thank you for asking.
        How have you been?

        Sometimes, its a good thing to take a break from WordPress. Re-energize the mind.

        The year has started good so far. I posted 2 new poems. I’ve evolved more than before.

        You are welcome my friend. Hope you stop by my page soon. 🙂

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        1. saynotoclowns says:

          I’m so glad to hear that!
          I have been doing okay, thanks. We have had the nicest holiday season in quite a few years, so I am very grateful. This year I am going to get more serious about health as well!!

          Will definitely visit soon 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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