“how silently,

fool me not, tv”

the silence leaves not thus (as in, my mind is so not silent. Nor heart. How can it be? I am looking at you world/me/wait, world, wait, me?)

the screams commence

scratching the fence

and grief hijacks the bus.


I’m glad I keep my fingernails

as short as short can be

world’s gloried pain

through wealth as gain

I crave Humility


attempt at singing to the tune of the carol, “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, while drinking coffee…apologies, I think you can hear me moving the cup around…







        1. Reply

          I appreciate that. And I have always appreciated that you get my humour too, that I can never take myself too seriously, good or bad, even in a state of wistfulness ❀


          1. Reply

            Just today someone said to me that I never fail to smile or laugh at his jokes even when I am sad and he intentionally tries to make me laugh as it helps him take him self so seriously when I do. Makes sense? I love silliness and humour! You are very original!

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    Very Shakespearean. I would say, Vanessa, and a lot to think about. The particular words might for instance, tell a refugee story. And others. Sweet and ironic, the a cappella.

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  2. Reply

    Shakespearean, now that is a comment I never saw coming! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for your thoughts…refugee stories can easily fit, my initial thought about the fence was metaphorical, applying to many issues.

    But then, the things that rage within myself…

    Your comment about the audio, it’s funny, after my husband listened to it, he looked at me surprised and said, “aww you sound so sweet”.
    I’ve always loved this sweet tune. It just seemed perfect…

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    1. Reply

      Whoops, sorry I missed your reply, Vanessa. Perhaps it’s not a direct reply and I didn’t see it because I don’t follow comments. Maybe I should. Maybe I’ve missed stacks of replies. Oh noes. Let’s not go there.

      You are definitely channelling the Bard, and it’s great. Yes, sweet, and with the meaning, doubly ironic.

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