Artist appreciation

A lot of you will know the work of Australian blogger, Steve Simpson:
inconstant light – slow time and the soft infinity

and now his amazing digital art work is available from this website:
Artxio – a global online art market based in Sydney

and I encourage you to check out this page, even if it is just to learn more about the incredible work he does. I really do wonder how he finds the time to blog. And reply to my silly comments (Thanks Steve!)


(featured image from


3 thoughts on “Artist appreciation

  1. Steve Simpson says:

    Here I was thinking, “Who is that guy looking at those fireworks?” “What is Vanessa talking about?” And then, “Uh oh, it’s me.” Thank you for saying those lovely things.

    The way I find time to blog is simple: I don’t. I do nothing through the week. and when it gets to the weekend, I switch to unmoderated panic. I search high and low for ideas, mainly packaging (household cleansers and grocery items), and when I find something, I scramble the words to avoid legal issues. My computer Florence does the art, as you know, and all I have to do is promise her upgrades: more memory, faster cpu and so on.

    PS: I don’t think your comments are at all silly, although my opinion in that area might not be worth much.

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      hahahahaha oh I so enjoy that whole picture.
      Well extra kudos for what you come up with in the mad scramble! It’s truly impressive. And you are very welcome. And I should have mentioned Florence, my apologies 🙂

      I wanted to write today, there was a lot I just could not funnel in the way I wanted. Then I started eating some grapes …so I relate to the grocery items comment, that made me laugh so hard as I had just posted that a few minutes ago!

      PS Thank you! And your opinion always matters. I appreciate that you would take any time at all.

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      1. Steve Simpson says:

        Very welcome, Vanessa. Maybe writing is a little bit like meditation, where you have to be Baby Bear. Not literally. Too Hot means too many thoughts, unable to settle; Too Cold means too few thoughts, tired and falling asleep. You want Just Right. 🧸

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