Such a beautiful and balmy night to be inspired and open this draft page. Naturally, I sat thinking for a moment. And when I say moment, I may mean about 15 minutes. And maybe “thinking” isn’t completely accurate either…

And then a notification came up…
“you haven’t written anything yet!”

WordPress, are you kidding me?

If there were a ten minute, annoying song about eye rolling, I would totally post it here.

Art can’t be forced…or something.

And honestly, I’m beginning to wonder that if I don’t publish this post soon, my pet will die.

I am so freaking glad we don’t have any pets.





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        Um, sorry for the lack of immediacy of my reply…it’s late and I am debating whether I should have a snack before bed…and whether the shock of Flint’s suicide is why I suddenly need a snack…so sad…but I also was hungry. Life is a complex animal.


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    Very amusing and I 200% empathise, Vanessa. I am trying to find a solution which takes into account the pets I don’t have and allows me to do some longer term ridiculous things rather than just short-term craziness. You are absolutely right about creativity and deadlines. Fortunately there’s coffee, which allows you to panic faster.

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      Thanks Steve!
      LOL yes to everything. I’m having a coffee right now.

      And the privacy issues…Now that WP has teemed up with Gmail etc, I guess they think it’s cool to take on all of that AI “helpful hint” crap…I don’t like it, I just don’t like it…

      plus, I couldn’t help thinking of all of those FB posts I detest, that threaten all kinds of helpful things, like death, if you don’t pass on that post. Yesterday.
      Come on humans…
      Where is this all going to end, Steve? No pressure or anything πŸ˜€


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