5o words


Dolefully, she, sitting down, putting her ear buds in, not getting to the end of the song, knowing where he is, mind and soul and scars diagonal through all, but he is wrong – it doesn’t have to die.

Finally hearing her song of Place, he gets off the frozen plane.




Image from Pexels.com

I stumbled on to these gorgeous songs recently, and as enigmatic as the first song is, thought there could be a story between them. But for some reason, it only wanted to be 50 words…

23 thoughts on “5o words

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Thanks so much, I appreciate your thoughts! I know people don’t often have a lot of time to read/listen to everything, but I so love the story in songs and these moved me so much, it always seems wrong not to share beautiful things! πŸ™‚ There were a number of ways the first song could take the story, but this appeared.
      Thank you for your comment…I do love rabbit holes haha…if only there were more time!

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