hush (part five)

His heart obeyed. Rather automatically – hushing as he so carefully tore a little more, reluctantly disturbing the perfect roundness, but he wanted to find what was underneath, and he refused to wake up this time until he had.

the very beginning Part A is here

Part Six is here



Those sentimental nights
you hold me in your sights
shoot me down
though there ain’t no enemy here
you keep me very near
and shoot me down
shoot me down

Your hands, they flutter up
armed and dangerous
my Buttercup
shoot me down
in flames

Stand back, baby
stand back and let me breathe
I think I’m fallin’ out of here
I can hear the grass grow
I can hear the melting snow
I can feel your breath against my ear
I might just disappear
wouldn’t that be nice?
Yea wouldn’t that be nice?
Well wouldn’t that be nice?

I look into your eyes
comes as no great surprise
you’re gonna shoot me down
shoot me down

I know that when you smile
it will only be just a short little while
shoot me down
in flames

26 thoughts on “hush (part five)

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Thanks for your great comment, Watt!
      It’s been fun writing this, just with a vague idea, and I had a different Nick Cave song in mind, but this worked so much better.
      I had different things brewing but I had terrible writer’s block trying to pull it together. Often it’s the spontaneous things that just work better for me, it seems.


  1. MORALITY PARK says:

    Sigh. I wish I could pack so much into such little spaces. Minimalism at its very best. Your spontaneity quickly became ecstasy for us readers. A very rewarding mini-series.

    Also, love the lyrics that you chose for each part.

    Liked by 1 person

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