ash globe

"Please, don't shake that. Please, please just put it down..."

His bewildered tears, her pain-dyed self, folded downward, to the floor, 
as his tiny hands ungrasped her most treasured non/possession.


from the album ‘The Chopin Project’


    1. I adore the video…
      well, in my mind it was this ash globe that is her treasured non possession…like a snow globe, you shake up for a sentimental scene, and it’s filled with things she can’t have…

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        1. Thank you! That means a lot!!
          Aren’t they? I wonder how they started. I loved them as a child, not being around snow, they captivated me…a rather juxtaposed kind of captivation/devastation to ash of course.

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    1. Hi Watt!
      Wow. That means so much, thank you!
      It was hard not to be inspired by this phenomenal video…I almost didn’t write anything because I thought it would just detract from its complete awesomeness. But then, I couldn’t help myself.
      So thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it

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                1. I wouldn’t call it gorgeous. It has a soul, I’d say. It’s very open and lively. But when you come back to it, even for a short period of time, after leaving it for what seems like an eternity, you find lots of things annoying.

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  1. Love your music selection in these posts, Vanessa. The sea is okay for me in dreams. Otherwise I avoid it. We all need ash globes, I think there’s a market there, although you’d have to keep them away from children. A beautiful piece.

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    1. Do you avoid the sea? Is that because there are so many interesting/deadly creatures in the sea around Sydney? πŸ˜¬πŸ‰πŸ¦‘πŸš«
      I’m so glad you love the music! I find I really enjoy reading other bloggers’ work while listening to this in the background…but then I also find that suddenly everything I read is a masterpiece lol πŸ€”

      Thank you so much, Steve!


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