not sepia

Midnight: she passes the mirror in the hall on the way to the bathroom.
It’s dark.
But light reflects from the gold that was once in her hair.
She stops for the moment that is gently falling.

12.15am: She’s at the piano.

Her tears – the perfect weight on the soft pedal,
her wisdom – the perfect phrasing on the sustain pedal,
as she story-s the gold’s journey to not sepia.




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29 thoughts on “not sepia

  1. Watt says:

    Can I say something selfish, I want that you will publish something every day. But on the other hand it may compromise this beauty that weaves webs of moments so as to keep some other moments from gently falling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Well, if that is what you will say when you are being selfish, then absolutely! 😁
      And thank you! That’s so lovely.

      And it’s funny…I ponder that quite a bit…the frequency of writing, and I would agree that less can be more. Which works well with the fact that I can’t always post too frequently anyway lol.
      (I love how you articulated that).

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Hiiii dear Diana! Thanks for checking in.
      I actually had a delicious scone yesterday someone else had made, it had been a while. So was evidently with you in spirit!

      And thank you for your comment!
      How was your trip?


  2. Steve Simpson says:

    A gentle flowing piece, Vanessa, and the late-night keyboard makes perfect sense. To me, sometimes music runs like passing time. But … just to add a dash of the ridiculous, I do occasionally drag out an old instrument, leave the neighbours wondering why someone doesn’t put me out of my misery. 😜

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  3. saynotoclowns says:

    Yes! the music in this video, and the beauty of its production, you’ve said perfectly how it worked on me…”music runs like passing time”.
    Well, Steve, that has left me curious about the type of instrument…if we’re talking drums in the middle of the night…bahaha or do you mean a sad saxophone or something? I probably shouldn’t be so insensitive 🤡


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