that’s quite a promise


(Hello anyone who is reading.
I was going to finally write something awe inspiring about my absence lately, then found this draft I had forgotten about, written in September. I can’t believe I have deprived the world of this. So I will publish this first. I hope you can hear my giggles. Soon to be louder as I enjoy a much needed glass of wine. Cheers!)


Just recently, something reminded me of the Napoleon Dynamite movie. It may have been the movie itself, come to think of it…

Like scores of other fans, I love the last scene, including the phenomenally perfect choice of the song that accompanies it. So then I remembered I had never seen the actual video for that song.

What a life changing experience… those 80s visuals…there was nothing left to do but to share it. Reading the news online was traumatising, so I thought I should do my bit to encourage world peace. I mean, the hair flicking alone…

(Warning, if you don’t actually know this song, it is an awesome earworm, even if some of the lyrics…well, all I can guess, is that the hair flicking may have something to do with his plan, nay, promise, to make her fall for him…)


Beautiful and unrelated photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

62 thoughts on “that’s quite a promise

  1. ivor20 says:

    G’day dear Vanessa….. wow it’s been a while…. love the song … And I went to store it in your playlist file….. and then …damn… I couldn’t remember, what name I had your list under… Vanessa Or Saynototheclowns…. yep … I had a 50– 50 chance,,,, nup… got it wrong ….. I’ve got you under plain old Vanessa…. I reckon I’ll remember, the next time …. If you don’t make it TOO long !! ((Hugs))

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        1. saynotoclowns says:

          Yes, interstate has been a nightmare!
          I learned that the area where I live, when the european settlers first arrived, the local aborigines educated them on how to do rotational burnoffs to avoid a major fire, and also it regenerates the kind of scrub around here and some seeds won’t even sprout without regular fires, but like in many other parts of the country…this kind of advice was pretty much ignored. Some times not, I remember as a child, we lived in a severely bushfire prone area, and we were in two major fires, but we seemed to be better about such things, so I am sure it could have been worse, but in recent times…so much wisdom wasted. We clearly need to get better at managing our environments, but that is a huge topic 😁

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          1. Jo says:

            We both live in countries where a rise in global temperatures would be devastating… those a hemisphere north of us are all like… whats a couple of degrees warmer… when they are trudging to work through freezing rain and sleet.

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            1. saynotoclowns says:

              Yes…which is another reason I get mad at how cavalier some people are about this kind of management…sigh…
              our winters here are also seeming to be getting colder, and longer, seasons seem to be shifting, but as far as the heat, I have always thought it was bloody hot in this country. Of course, as a little tyke we had no air conditioning and summers seemed like hell for ages…

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  2. Steve Simpson says:

    Hi Vanessa. I would like to hide in the 80s. Or in a bottle of wine. Or both. Curiously, although I vaguely remember the movie, I didn’t know the song, which has a zillion or so views. I decided that it is probably because I was in Brazil, or in Australia but still mostly in South American circles. Then I noticed that all the comments I was reading under the video were from Brazilians. So now I am thinking that YouTube, i.e. Google, knows far too much about me and I need a drink.🙀

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