Invitation to inspiration

I honestly think I could make my blog into a site of just sharing other people’s work. WP world, you are amazing at times, and it’s no secret how wonderful Rachel’s writing is.
I love this.

In mind and out

I invited inspiration
to come sit with me in my living room
instead she climbed into my mind and poured me a gaze so laced in longing
I could drown in that fabric of her eyes
and yet
I wondered how she might dress
without her melancholic yearnings and adorations of the moon
and sea,
and if she would let me
cleanse the blackened traces of her lashes from her face
or lick the salted scratches from old wounds
I wanted to know what she looks like outside of shadows
in the vibrant inkiness of noon
perhaps a spontaneous tattoo from a moment of love
I did not know her in this way โ€“
but I wanted to
so I looked with this inspiration in my window pane
and watched the reflection of my breath
in the summer rain

Artwork: Gabriel Moreno

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