he called her Thursday (part two)

wednesday (part one is here)

How I long to write you in all of your shifting
but its interminable nuance is impossible to pin down
and these glasses like tunnel vision are cramping my mind!
I could take off my glasses, I suppose,

he stopped and threw them off, and tried to remember when and how he got glasses.
A cup of tea brought its usual…tea-ness, which always helped.
And he had kept writing while sipping, he noticed,

But maybe you are just not meant to be written,
only spoken,

He wondered what language she should be spoken in.

And what about Jesus cooking breakfast on the shore after everything he had been through? If anyone’s humility came close…

He stopped for a moment and wondered if he was overdoing it. But he wasn’t sure because of the compartments in his mind.
But then he thought it would make more sense to figure out who he was writing about.
It seemed he had grabbed onto the drifting? So, naturally, he called her Thursday.

One thing he noticed, he had stopped rhyming before Friday.


it was friday. and a list appeared. lists are not normally her thing. (part three is here)

Photo by Shelby Miller on Unsplash


19 thoughts on “he called her Thursday (part two)

  1. Gina says:

    The conversations that followed that meal brought healing, life and joy to those disciples’ wounded hearts. Love the way you weaved into your prose and message.

    You make me laugh and cry your talent is all encompassing like the modern day Lewis Carroll to me.

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  2. ivor20 says:

    Oh, the man in sandals with long hair is drifting, but making a big splash, with the ones who are listening…..Maybe this profound song by Leonard Cohen, sums up all possibilities….. I’ll attach the lyrics as well Vanessa…..

    “It’s Torn”, Lyrics by Leonard Cohen

    “I see you in windows that open so wide
    There’s nothing beyond them and no one inside
    You kick off your sandals and shake out your hair
    The salt on your shoulders like sparks in the air
    There’s silt on your ankles and sand on your feet
    The river too shallow, the ocean too deep
    You smile at your suffering, the sweetest reprieve
    Why did you leave us, why did you leave

    You kick off your sandals and shake out your hair
    It’s torn where you’re dancing, it’s torn everywhere
    It’s torn on the right and it’s torn on the left
    It’s torn in the center which few can accept

    It’s torn where there’s beauty, it’s torn where there’s death
    It’s torn where there’s mercy but torn somewhat less
    It’s torn in the highest from kingdom to crown
    The messages fly but the network is down
    Bruised at the shoulder and cut at the wrist
    The sea rushes home to its thimble of mist
    The opposites falter, the spirals reverse
    And Eve must re-enter the sleep of her birth
    And up through the system the worlds are withdrawn
    From every dominion the mind stood upon
    And now that it’s over and now that it’s done
    The name has no number, not even the one

    Come gather the pieces all scattered and lost
    The lie in what’s holy, the light in what’s not
    The story’s been written the letter’s been sealed
    You gave me a lily but now it’s a field

    You kick off your sandals and shake out your hair
    It’s torn where you’re dancing, it’s torn everywhere”

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  3. Steve Simpson says:

    Your day-to-day saga has drawn me in, Vanessa, wondering about the protagonist, and the ephemeral being he might be writing about. Where to place the blame when you’re not achieving: blaming one’s mind is wonderfully irrational. I will be doing it as soon as I’ve had another cup of tea.

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Hey Steve, thank you, I’m glad!
      haha yes, blaming one’s mind…for me personally, it makes a lot of sense…as my mind has a track record… but there is actually a reason why he is struggling to figure these things out. At least, i just have to figure out how to make it comprehensible lol. Always my challenge really.
      See, you get it, tea is …well, it’s tea. Ineffable qualities that make it something I can’t live without 🙂 even though I am drinking coffee right now.

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