to whom it may concern, the answer is hot tea vending machines. (part four)

wednesday (part one is here)


It was a big deal, the day she realised she didn’t know anything.
Well, technically, the night.

Up there was nothing less than the blackest curtain she had ever seen…and wasn’t it
obvious now, that those were holes bullet
mind bullet holes?
But coming from which side? The light they revealed was astonishing.

She lay down in the grass. It seemed the only sensible thing to do.
She would have had a cup of tea if she could’ve.
She pulled out her notepad and pencil.


ellipsis (part five is here)



Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “to whom it may concern, the answer is hot tea vending machines. (part four)

  1. Steve Simpson says:

    Infused with a degree of hope and joy I would say, Vanessa, even with the earlier graphic novel-style confrontation. The tea helps, and grocery lists might be the essence of keeping our feet on the ground. I like the contrasts and layers of meaning, the bullet holes in the dark canvas, thought provoking, and there is something about the stars shining through; for me, sometimes frightening.

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      I love this comment Steve. And I am intrigued by your first line…it’s always interesting to re read something with another’s perspective.
      In the original incarnation of this series, the list was written by the she in the story, for the he. He liked lists, and compartmentalising, and she wasn’t like that. But she made the attempt for him… it was also a sub conscious thing, as she couldn’t remember who he was. And vice versa. Which is still the case.

      And thank you for your thoughts on the stars…it really struck me one night, as we have amazing night skies where we are, and yes, it did almost seem ominous this night…so naturally i had to write about it somehow lol.

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      1. Steve Simpson says:

        Thanks, and my pleasure, Vanessa. I find that sometimes I can wake up and forget who I am myself. In that case a list would definitely be handy.

        It’s very human … with the stars. We’ve been projecting our feelings, fantasies, beliefs, onto them since humanity began.

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        1. saynotoclowns says:

          hahaha Steve, you made me think of the movie, ‘Memento’ that I saw years ago, about the guy with no short term memory, he was constantly writing notes to remind himself of everything happening in his life. Did you ever see that? I remember loving it, but have forgotten most of it, appropriately 🙂

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