Well, hello roller coaster. What good friends we’ve become.

Darrin has re-started chemo.

He had a sudden, severe down turn. Long story short, if he hadn’t started it again a few weeks ago, he would probably be gone already.

Pancreatic cancer is a bitch.

So is this police state we are now living in.

Professor Petrovsky at one of our universities here, one of our best vaccine developers, is going public with the extraordinary corruption that’s been going on. The vaccine he started developing last year, that’s proven so far to be a lot safer than the ones on offer, as well as seemingly, actually stopping the transmission of the virus, unlike the current ones, has been blocked at every turn by our government. Which has never happened before. He and some MPs have been investigating. Turns out our government has accepted millions of dollars in bribes from the big players to only push their vaccines and squash everything else. He has been crowdfunding to get the funds he needs. Turns out our TGA wants him to bribe them too. As he said, what is happening now is so “un-Australian”, it’s shocking. Fortunately, the response to his campaign has been fantastic.

The police brutality has been shocking. The profits from all of this are obscene. Funny how they’ve spun it that the protesters must be the right wing crazies. Nice try. I guess it really is the convergence of left and right extremism…it’s not about left and right anymore, is it? It is top and bottom. I don’t know how else to see it.

There have been huge protests here, and rightly so. All kinds of medical staff too. A very brave nurse spoke out that it’s the vaccinated who are filling our hospitals, not COVID patients. I know of too many who have had adverse reactions and even dying. And the official numbers show that the adverse reactions and amount of deaths are unprecedented. The way of science after-all is to question, question, question. I follow Matt Taibbi’s independent site now. If you don’t know, he worked for Rolling Stone for 17 years. He’s started doing a ”Meet the Censored” section on his site. He claims the most censored person is a young scientist who developed a very promising COVID shot last year already. But he was completely censored by you-know-who.

Another brave ex-cop over here is also speaking out. What is this planet we’ve woken up on?

But meanwhile, my life obviously revolves around my dying husband.
So apart from ordering this mammoth bombshell of a book that’s just been released: ”the real Anthony Fauci” by Robert Kennedy Jnr, currently number one overall on Amazon (check out the Amazon site for it, the blurb and reviews are shockingly compelling. Oliver Stone has even done a review. This is ego crushing, paradigm shifting stuff. How could we be so deceived for so long? Is anyone reading it? Would love to know your thoughts… you know, open minded ones) we are literally trying to enjoy whatever days we have left…whether he dies first from cancer, or we all do from the ravages of rampant materialism and profound greed.

Bring on the poetry, bring on the art,

for a fountain of expletives

wants to burst from my heart.

29 thoughts on “Well, hello roller coaster. What good friends we’ve become.

  1. ivor20 says:

    Dear Vanessa my heartfelt thoughts and best wishes to you and Darrin … yes life is a bitch … take every moment you can … in every moment there is a heartbeat .. . every heartbeat is another moment not to be wasted … keep enjoying your moments my dear … 🤗💛🌏
    Oh … did you like my book . 💙📘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Hi Ivor,
      Thank you for your lovely comments! Agree 100%
      And yes! I did get your wonderful book! I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch, we got this shocking news and well, you know, I just didn’t have a chance. But I love it! Thanks for sending it! Xxoo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jo says:

    Oh come on! He was just getting better… so sorry to hear this! I feel weird about cussing in your comments… but know that I think this is absolute male bovine excrement of the highest order. Flip! Holding thumbs for you. And other appendages if required.

    Also. Who made those sunny side up eggs… I feel like I’m looking at a war crime. Seriously.

    But mostly I hope Darrin is okay. I mean the cancer is obviously bad… but salmonella is also bad.

    I’m trying to inject humor into this. It’s my coping mechanism. Sorey

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Hey there!!
      No apology necessary, really. You know I appreciate it, and we do the same 😀

      Haha that egg thing, in all seriousness, was an accident! I laughed so hard!

      Yeah… he was doing extremely well. We knew it would come back, but we thought maybe in a year and not too badly, I don’t know. He was fantastic for a month and it all fell apart in a matter of days. I can’t believe it. And it’s come back aggressively. The worst part is it’s in his lungs, so it’s in his blood now. So after getting over the initial shock and sadness, you do find a routine and joy in little things. He has no regrets. But I do feel like we are living someone else’s life!

      How are you guys?


  3. Diana says:

    Oh V!!! ❤️ I’ve been, you know, awol from WP and just trying to get through this pandemic/work/life….now reading you and can’t even imagine the struggle. Sending smiles, long distance hugs to you both. May you celebrate every sunrise 🌄 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Diana! So so lovely to hear from you! Thank you!
      I’m so very drained emotionally and am grateful for cyber hug, thank you. So is Darrin 😊 He just said, awww, that is very kind.
      I’m in mourning for my country. How have you been??!!


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