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In my last post,

I mentioned the trial by Professor Petrovsky. I have signed up for it as i can no longer accompany Darrin into hospital without being double jabbed. Darrin can no longer be admitted either for his chemo treatment (in to a private hospital under private insurance) without being tested every time. If you don’t understand why so many are resisting the jabs on offer, please take the compassionate approach and do some research to help you understand people who have suffered from vaccine injuries in the past, and are naturally very cautious about these new technologies and the amount of adverse reactions being reported. The current ones don’t stop transmission either. Our research and understanding on immunity has also come a long way. There are alternatives. Please don’t join the witch hunters who are looking for a scape goat.

If you are interested to check out the information on the crowdfunding page for the trial, and even donate, then here is the link:

Bring Covax 19 back to Australia

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Thanks River!
      We’ve been concerned from the start with the amount of dodgy things being pushed. With Darrin’s background in genetics research, it’s been very stressful to see and hear the lies about the PCR testing machines as one example, as he worked with one years ago. They are not designed to test for live infection.
      There’s too much … it’s overwhelming. The lies in the media and what they’ve been withholding… they’ve got people terrified over here. It’s insane.

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Hi! I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. There’s certainly enough going on in the world right now to constantly question your own sanity, that’s for sure! 🥺
      I haven’t posted much at all. Too much going on. I finally did, just out of frustration and grief for my country too.

      I hope you are feeling better? Thank you for your comment ❤️
      Will pray for peace for you

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  1. Jo says:

    Also Omicron. Which is coming. And may make all previous immunity and vaccinations pointless. Or maybe not. But probably.

    Sorry it’s all so rubbish at the moment. Harrowing at the best of times and now all of this too.

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Hey Jo! How’s the Omicron situation there? I’ve heard it’s really contagious but the symptoms aren’t too bad. Which is more typical with variants anyway… they tend to be weaker than original virus. Our health officials here, who’ve lied about a lot, but they said that it doesn’t appear to be severe, sometimes with no symptoms even. Like COVID. I know a lot of people who haven’t had symptoms at all.
      Early on studies showed already that people who’d had previous corona viruses had some natural immunity against c-19. There’s been plenty of studies now that show natural exposure provides much more robust immunity than the current vaccines. And that’s been accepted science for decades anyway. I believe vaccines should be a choice for people who can’t be naturally exposed safely. Never forced on anyone. The fact that they’re already forcing boosters on people shows what an absolute crap product they are. But it keeps the billions rolling in to the share holders, so you know, that helps me sleep at night 🙄
      I trust Petrovsky. He’s done some great work over the years. Plus he and his wife have integrity and passion to help people. God knows we need more of that!!

      Thanks for your comment! It is all rubbish…it’s overwhelming. People here are terrified and can hardly have rational conversations. 😔


    1. saynotoclowns says:

      I so appreciate your comments, thank you! ❤️
      Our hospitals are starting to reject any patients who haven’t been double jabbed. Darrin was counselled originally not to have one because of the blood clotting risks, he already has one in his liver from the cancer. Now to say to us (and so many others) “we will withhold LIFE SAVING TREATMENT from you if you don’t obey”…it’s shocking. I’m living in a constant state of shock. And sadness.
      Goodbye scientific integrity and curiosity and freedom and dignity. Goodbye compassion and empathy and robust and friendly conversation.
      Goodbye critical thinking.
      And whoever thinks it’s okay to politicise health care, well, I won’t say where I think they should go…
      I’m thinking of deleting my site, B. Australia is a police state now. 😢 I’d always lived with the hope and prayer this country could be somewhat of a sanctuary of laidback freedoms. We have plenty of faults, of course, but now it’s getting dystopian.
      I will always wish that one day we could meet and have a great chat over coffee! So I will keep that hope in my heart 😊

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      1. Silent Hour says:

        It’s not very different here, Vanessa. We had problems too and life here has always been tough and hurtful for many reasons. Now, with all this it’s just worse. And the funny thing is, we are supposedly on a way to modernizing things (in a good way), but we are actually not. This country is like a very old hag who uses tons of makeup. It’s all sad, and covid just showed how disorganised, corrupted, egotistical, unethical, irrational and inhuman our govs are.

        I’d rather you don’t delete your site, but I know exactly how you feel. I deleted some of my posts too before going private. But if you do, you have my email from my comments. You may use it if you feel like saying hello sometime. I’d like that coffee too, very much!

        Give my love to Darrin. And yourself of course!

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        1. saynotoclowns says:

          Hi! Sorry for late reply.
          That image is pretty powerful really, “a very old hag who uses tons of makeup”! It’s perfect, we could use it for a lot of things really.
          I wondered how things have been there since all of that economic trouble etc… but I’m wondering about the depth of corruption here in Australia too, and just how much has been hidden well until now. I’m surrounded by a lot of people in denial, that things could be so broken, dishonest and greedy. It’s so frustrating.

          Thank you for your encouragement. ❤️
          And despite everything, happy new year! I’m going to have a drink with my dear mother who’s visiting. Cheers, and love dear B! 🥂

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