Just a sigh

I guess I’m late to the tribute party but a local radio station did a fantastic tribute to TH, where I learned the back story to this song for the first time. I love this performance. I just thought i would share it if you happen to be interested.

I have nothing else to say. Just a sigh for the world, and this cancer journey of Darrin’s, and for unexpected moments of intense beauty sometimes.


37 thoughts on “Just a sigh

          1. ivor20 says:

            It’s going to be a over the next 3 weeks for me … .. My adrenaline is now kicking in ..it’ll be Carole’s 75th birthday on Easter Sunday. . … 10 years ago on her 65th birthday … I took into hospital … for the last time .. she died on May 3rd .. 10 years ago … these are going to be a very nostalgic few weeks for me … and my writings will be reflecting my emotions… my mind is already full of memories … …
            I’ll be ok 😊💕🤗🌏💙

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            1. saynotoclowns says:

              Your piece sat perfectly in there!
              I said to another writer how I’m struggling to find words these days, for these times. I so appreciate the words of others right now…and I loved reading yours…we have a federal election coming up soon, and honestly, I had a rather therapeutic chuckle reading what you wrote! ❤️

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              1. Silent Hour says:

                I am so glad I made you laugh , ❤️ We all need it these days. I hope everything goes well with the election — may the worst man not win. I dread what may happen when we have elections here.

                Much, much love to you and Darrin, and may your words come back, because they are missed ❤️

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                1. saynotoclowns says:

                  Yes! May the worst man not win! It’s really hard to know who that is. They’re definitely the kind of clowns I say no to! 🥴
                  It’s going to be very interesting to see how many people vote for an independent this time.
                  Do you have elections this year?

                  Thanks for your lovely words!

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                  1. Silent Hour says:

                    There has been talk of elections, and our government, that has impoverished us (among other things) is kind of panicking because they see they may not win this time. So they announced wage raises
                    They are giving us the incredible amount of 50 euros extra. Hahahaha! Definitely say no to clowns, my dear Vanessa. If everyone said no, the world might have been less scary. Much love, as always ❤️❤️❤️

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                    1. saynotoclowns says:

                      Ugh, too familiar.
                      I’ve just found out about the “Pandemic Treaty” our country is signing with the WHO. I can’t put in to words how I feel about this. Are your illustrious leaders signing this monstrous thing too?
                      All I know is, I appreciate the love I have in my life more and more each day. ❤️

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                    2. Silent Hour says:

                      You know, I haven’t heard. I haven’t been following the news regularly, so I missed this. I’ll have to look. Probably yes, though.

                      As for the love we get from our own loved ones, it’s the thing that mostly counts. Everything else is taken away or destroyed. Let’s make love last, at least.


      1. Jo says:

        Thanks! I’m glad I made you laugh.

        I have an ex who lives in Perth… is that even part of Australia? (Do they have a billabong, or a Gabba) In any event she is… lets say, very politically active… and she… um… really dislikes the current government. Ha ha. So I’ve been getting filled in (against my will it must be said) on Aussie real-politik of late.

        I want to say something about Darrin. But I don’t really know what to say… you know… like what can you say. I hope he’s at peace… and for some reason, I’m sure he is. He struck me, from what you’ve told me about him, the sort of person that might be infuriatingly zen about his situation.

        I don’t think I would be. I’d be cross. (to put it mildly)

        Are you back again? or just visiting briefly before disappearing for six months?

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        1. saynotoclowns says:

          Perth?! Yeah, she has every right I think, to be mad with their govt. Shit, really, what’s happened over here has been shocking. It’s like the true unveiling of just how much Big Corporate controls our lives, and just how many of our pollies are in bed with them, and the extraordinary lengths they’re going to to protect their mutual interests. We all knew these things were bubbling along under the surface, but that the depth of fascism has been so exposed… and that they are trying to force the change of Australian character… people are confused about what to do. Well, in my rather inarticulate summary of things 😵‍💫
          This continual simplistic divide of things: left v right, or liberal v conservative etc, just seems ridiculous and redundant to me. I could not give a fat rat’s patootie on such labels any more. I just want the truth. And the freedom to discuss it.

          Of course, in Darrin’s journey, it’s become painfully obvious how corporate interests control our medical decisions… the same narratives spewed over and over are just trapping everyone in to dated health paradigms. Gah, it’s heart breaking.

          I appreciate your comments re Darrin, thank you. Neither of us want you to worry or stress about what to say. That you even care, is gold 😊
          Yes, Darrin can appear zen for sure. But that’s only one part of a complex picture, right? I mean, it’s a roller coaster with so many contributing factors. Simplistically, he’s zen when I need it, and vice versa. Honestly, it’s had a profound spiritual impact on us. Sometimes, it is so shit, and sometimes, we’ve had incredible experiences of peace and joy. There’s so much we just can’t predict. And too much has happened that the doctors just can’t explain. I could go on 😂 Maybe once I’m caffeinated.

          I really hope to be around more. I’ve missed you, and a few other awesome people around here ☕️🥂🍻🍹🥃 Clink! (whatever your beverage of choice is). I truly feel humbled whenever I have a chance to appear, that you guys still show up! 🙏


    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Thank you!
      That first pic is of a place that’s become special for us, it’s where we cross the river by ferry on our way to the hospital every week.
      That beautiful beach is near the hospital… very grateful for such a place of healing (the beach, not hospital 😆)

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