please turn it down



the explosion?

You’re deafening my dreams,

the yelling is sewing up

sarcastic seams.

I’ve grown into pink

and warm, loving streams

of consciousness, lost

in childhood low beams.

I’ve come to cherish

a colour so rare,

it’s often disparaged

and stripped to its bare

misunderstood essence

left beating to fare

in a world that translates



weakness.       Care

should be taken

to hearken the voice

that speaks so much closer

to ears and hearts moist

from beatings relentless,

frustrate in defenceless,

it’s time to put value

in not kicking more ass…

(when did that get cool anyway?)

I’m so sorry, what did you say?

No need to speak louder

put your guns down instead.

Let’s speak in a whisper,

nuanced tilts of the head –

watch those mind bullets fall out…



(originally posted April 2017)

20 thoughts on “please turn it down

  1. thereluctantpoet says:

    Hi Vanessa! This was so powerful! Loved the premise – the heart should be a “Non-Combtant” and the lines – “No need to speak louder

    put your guns down instead.”

    Keep letting Your heart whisper to you and write down the words!! This was really touching!!
    Thanks for visiting me!! Always love to see you!!


    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Hi Chuck!
      Thanks so much for taking the time. I’ve been a little pressed for time lately, otherwise I would’ve lingered longer. But I had to spend some moments catching up a little on everyone’s work.
      I really appreciate your thoughts and kind words!


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