how do we title this?

I’m finding it impossible to do much of anything these days, as my grief is profound.

I want to take opportunities to pay respects to all who have been injured, or have died, from the outrageous Covid counter measures unleashed on the planet. This includes my late husband, who suffered from the medical fascism entrenched here. And to those who’ve suicided because of their injuries, and they had nowhere to turn, no one to take them seriously. Shame, shame on our heartlessness. It’s way overdue.

Political and/or religious affiliation is irrelevant. We’ve all been played.

I’ve just watched this. And it rendered me speechless. Check out her site. Her credentials are impressive. She is from the Ukraine originally, now in the US. How can we not be discussing this?

This video is from a recent conference in Sweden. Her post includes a link to the conference website.

Please take time to watch this.

sasha latypova’s presentation in Sweden, Jan, 2023

Lord have mercy.

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