This is not Basil

So the thing is (there’s always a thing), I haven’t done much of reading or writing or other such athletics for quite a while, for a number of reasons. Something had to change.

And then, late one night, I found an old picture of Basil. (Everyone should have a Basil in their lives imho)  basil is no clown Maybe it was the way he was looking at me, but somehow a blog materialised.

Credit also to an old friend, who made some gentle suggestions that I do something about my neglect of aforesaid athleticism. I will love him forever. So this is a creative outlet.

For an introduction, this may be a helpful place to start: Post Vocalic Stress Disorder, (and a long intro to a great song…) if you even have the time, that is. I so appreciate you even looking at this, it was not my intent to get ‘followers’.

Have been truly moved by the ocean of talent on WP. The support and connection that it offers has also been a beautiful and humbling surprise.

Oh and if you like clowns, you are still very welcome.
It might be helpful to know that there is a wink in my eye and my tongue firmly in cheek a lot of the time. Which is one of the important things about this blog, and for a lot of bloggers, I believe; delving through the clown layers to get to things that needed to come out.

Thanks to Basil for posing so beautifully for me, and to his gorgeous owner. RIP Basil.

(PS unless otherwise stated, all photos are my own, except this anonymous one I used here: through the timing glass)