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ebullient decay…

So… — May 10, 2017


here’s the thing…

I have some health issues that need tending to, and like a lot of people, it has been easy to neglect taking care of myself for a while now.
But I really have to.
So I am not going to be stalking all of you beloved WP talents as much as I normally would.¬†And that’s A LOT. And I have done it unapologetically, because, quite frankly, you are amazing. And inspiring. And I cannot put into words how you have enhanced my life. So, thank you. From the deepest, and sometimes, weirdest, recesses of my heart ūüėõ

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don’t let me bore you with my knowledge of New Zealand… — March 24, 2017

don’t let me bore you with my knowledge of New Zealand…

¬† ¬† ¬†(NB May be some coarse language…and I don’t mean when they quote Australians…)

I have yet to understand how our accents can be so different.

I watched a whole documentary once. On the plane. To New Zealand.

It answered not my questions. It was an hour long exercise in finding different ways to say

we have no idea

why the New Zealand accent is as it is.

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what I meant to say

I’ve shared Steve’s work before, but if you missed it last time, check him out. I love his work. It’s unique and intriguing and beautiful. Plus, he’s funny. ūüôā

inconstant light


Colors round the clock
and I await the pale hour,
cohesive integration.
I listen     beat     my heart     breathe     my breath,
call dullness meditation,
by contrast grey becomes another shadow.

pink anodic glows
I flew to other times in zones,
tinted suns, ascendant vectors,
daylight saving lost,
neon tubes with unequilibrated
electron swarms,
their flickering hypnotics in gaudy

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I won’t lie, a really hard decision. — February 24, 2017
all to myself — February 20, 2017

all to myself

I started this draft a few days ago and I don’t know why I wrote that title but all I am thinking about now is a friend who is dying and I am so bad at goodbyes…please don’t make me say it

please don’t say it to me

and you can wax long and lyrical to me about how saying goodbye shows strength and blah blah but I don’t agree because we weren’t created to be parted I much prefer Wiedersehen

and then I remembered the time

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