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ebullient decay…

“adam and eve” (take two) — May 5, 2017
— May 2, 2017
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it’s not hard to see — March 29, 2017

it’s not hard to see

So for those of you who don’t know, I am married to a pastor.

I could seriously write a book about what life has been like in the last 20+ years living this reality. The thing is, if I did, I would have to kill everyone first. Because changing names wouldn’t be enough.
I jest, of course!

But today, I was listening to one of my favourite mashups, and I felt the need to give a shoutout to our church families.

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tsunami — January 19, 2017


(there was a time, many years ago, when I was interested in Satanism.  (I wasn’t a goth.)  I was rescued from it. It’s not something I talk about much anymore. And I’m not looking to now. But I so love this song, it perfectly captures that time of my life. This poem honestly just bled out of me…)


every colour of the distant rainbow

on the tip of time’s paintbrush

thrown against the wall of my dreams

colours thrashed together by the momentum

leaving the greyest indentation

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the silence after the implosion was not deafening — January 13, 2017
origamied — December 29, 2016
loop pool (part two) — November 26, 2016
saudade — October 5, 2016


It’s been a word on my mind for years. Well, not the word, actually. Because I don’t speak Portuguese. (And in case you don’t either: saudade)

But we all know its colours and its scents and its sounds. We all know where to go to find its vividestness.  Perhaps, some kind of closet…

(And we all wish it were a word in English, because, I mean, Saudade!) 

One of the things I love about CS Lewis…he can take a heartwrenching word like this one and give it resolution. Not by his own invention of course, but in his descriptions of Christ realities – whether he’s taking it to another heavenly/”far-off country”/Christ longing level in the Narnia series, (hidden in a closet, no less) …or in brilliant descriptions like this one The inconsolable secret.

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nepenthe of nepenthes — September 12, 2016