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Album of the Week – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree and a Response Poem – “When the Bough Breaks” — May 24, 2017

Album of the Week – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree and a Response Poem – “When the Bough Breaks”

I just can’t not share this. For obvious reasons.


This will be difficult to write. I deliberately choose to stay away from politics and the personal in my writing for reasons that are important to me. Today, I want dip my toe into both. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has accompanied me on my travels, and Nick took me back to a time of great sorrow when my fourth child and second daughter was lost mid-pregnancy to Fifth Disease and was stillborn. A story I recently told my son about my dad uncovered that grief never completes. My parents lost a son, I am the fifth, not the fourth in my family, as most think. Many years before I surprised the world, my parents buried a son. When Dad came down to Maryland to comfort me, he walked through the front door and over to me, looked into my eyes through his own tears and wrapped me in…

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Songbirds — May 22, 2017
O…Here Flies Her — May 3, 2017

O…Here Flies Her

Oh my goodness, how I love this…

Poet Girl Em

Very carefully

he stepped on the ladder in a display of unbridled uncertainty

in reach of the divine dangling overhead like a jeweled crown

twinkling truth in morse code (he never did learn)

remaining a mystery that he would never solve

like her

the earthbound fearless lover deathly afraid of heights

who can dream bigger than the sky

but never dares

to fly

…there is always some boulder in the path

he won’t climb

some barrier blocking access

he won’t destroy

despite his strength (that he never has used)

wilting chances eroded by time

fruit of opportunity spoiled on the vine

o…here flies her

within grasp but for one step

one more step

how it must feel to see her so close away

so very away

so near

and her

the one that stands out by trying to blend in

because she can’t 


when all the other stars shine, she…

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the spells of itapuã — April 29, 2017

the spells of itapuã

Steve weaving his usual and unique magic.

inconstant light


Thought bubbles must be punctured gently,
deflated with a fine molecular needle.


She lets me do the shopping at the markets,
the hens are in my charge, I sweep the floors,
but I’m a prisoner in her house.

On the crooked kitchen shelving, potions bright,
alluring clues, magic herbs and condiments.
To prepare Bahian fish, she says.

Her eyes are jungle camouflage, her tidal laughter
breaks in waves when nothing is amusing,
mysteries are woven in her hair.

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Depression Sucks. — April 18, 2017

Depression Sucks.

For my dear friends who struggle with this, (and I have too) and for the people who love you, important words so beautifully and honestly expressed.

Strong Humble Warriors

I don’t want to talk.

I need rest.

I need silence.

The thoughts in my mind are overwhelming. They won’t stop. My life is a constant battle of outside voices competing with internal thoughts. It’s too much.

I don’t know how, but I need rest.

I’m lonely, but I can’t silence the storm of thoughts in my mind when another voice is in my ear; so I shut everyone out and feel relieved when they finally walk away.

I don’t mean to hurt feelings, but I need silence.

I don’t want anyone around because the tension that radiates from their discomfort with silence is even worse than being forced to talk.

I know they mean well, but I need rest.

I don’t need to lay down in the sense that it’s been a long day. I need to disappear for a while in the sense that it could be fatal…

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He Rebuilds a Lost Sister — April 12, 2017

He Rebuilds a Lost Sister

I’ve been re reading a few blogs, gosh, it’s overwhelming how much talent there is out there! But I keep thinking of this. It’s profoundly moving. I’ve never personally experienced this grief, but I know some of you have. I think this is really special, Stephen.


I am all lost in the supermarket
While I look for my special Lego
Creation lost somewhere between
The gummies and the hot dogs.

Mommy looked all over the supermarket
She can’t find it but that is okay,
I can build another one, I know.
I know I can build another one.

I’ll need two shoulders and arm pieces
A chest shield, two legs and feet
One hand will wield the best sword
In the bin. This new creation will be cooler –

It will be the coolest. I am
Almost done building my new
My best! creation yet. But I cannot
Find the right mask.

I must have the right mask.
I cannot find the mask.
Daddy help me find a mask.

Daddy I just want my creation to sit up.
Daddy I just want my creation to take its first step.
Daddy I just want my creation to…

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Song of the Week – “Somewhere” by Missy Higgins and a Reflection — April 10, 2017

Song of the Week – “Somewhere” by Missy Higgins and a Reflection

I do not have adequate words. When I began blogging, I had no idea, like everyone, what I was in for. To say that it’s exceeded my wildest dreams is putting it mildly. But I’m beyond grateful for the kind connections I’ve made, and honestly, I’m so freaking humbled that such talented people are now my friends. But this is to encourage the sharing of pain, you just never know what blessed passage it will lead you down. Thank you Stephen, from the depths of my heart. And I so love that you shared this story.


I have spent the past week listening to The National’s Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, and while I enjoyed it, none of the songs connected with me enough to declare a Song of the Week. Instead, while catching up on my friend Vanessa’s posts at saynotoclowns, I stumbled upon a scrap she almost discarded that included this song by an artist I hadn’t heard of before tonight. I have listened to the song on repeat since: Somewhere by Missy Higgins.

See, Vanessa has been managing some grief lately and through our comments, we have shared a measure of peace. Honestly, a measure I forgot I needed. With this song as background, I found myself back in Korea with a genuine human need, grateful for a new friend and this surprising, new world filled with support for this thing, writing, that felt so important to me from the first time I…

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“Recluse” is a collaboration with Mick Talbot. The Haiku is written by Mick, I did the Prose..Thank you for the honor, Mick. — April 9, 2017

“Recluse” is a collaboration with Mick Talbot. The Haiku is written by Mick, I did the Prose..Thank you for the honor, Mick.

This is so amazing I want to eat it. But I thought maybe I’d share it instead. Ugh! Thanks Yassy and Mick. Divine.



I lean on my heart, feeling it slipping away into an oblivion of aloneness.
My eyes hold teardrops that want to drown me. My stomach is full of pain that i seem to have swallowed in my sleeping and waking hours. Sobs rise in my throat into a broken conversation.

nature, its wilderness consoles
aloneness the pain

Life is a curtain raiser. I parade my role, a labyrinth knotting my insides, then this unconditional comaraderie breaks into the lonesomeness of my spirit’s desolation.

nature your soul’s partner
harvest her rewards

Dawn breaks into the window of my soul, the cosmos senses my essence, my nuances blend into a telepathic epiphany, stirring peace into my quintessence. I evanesce, the scars on my psyche sparkle like gems..from the heart of a loner, an immortal verse…a meditation for tranquility

austere times
reclusive virtues play

Thank you Mick..

Our very…

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e=mc2 — April 7, 2017


Maria, this is beautiful. Thanks for putting such eloquence to something it’s hard to find words for.

Doodles and Scribbles


what do the children say
about special relativity?
when they neither had
a space to live and
a time to be free?

when past, present and future
were never in their grasp
when limbs, tears and blood
were all that they have

ask them an equation
they only have one:
the end is equivalent to the
mass of people multiplied by
the square of the speed of bomb

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

In response to dVerse’s Open Link Night hosted by Grace.

This piece is also inspired Bjorn’s prompt at Toads.  The photo above is from Banksy. In 2010, Banksy did another version of his Balloon Girl with a monochrome child, spray-painted on the wall of a private house in Bevois Valley, Southampton, England.

 My heart bleeds for the people of Syria, especially the children. The alleged gas attack from Assad regime in a rebel-held town…

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The Power of a Song — April 5, 2017

The Power of a Song

Thanks Melissa. This is beautiful.

Wallflower Blossoming

Have you ever listened to a piece of music that was so perfect that it gave you chills every time you heard it?  The song “Bring Him Home” by The Piano Guys is one of those pieces of music. (Link below.) I could listen to it a thousand times over and never fail to hear the yearning and passion in every note.

Did you also know that this kind of music has the power to change even the most stressful moments into an atmosphere of peace?  Let me share an example.

The other day, I was taking the bus to run an errand.  As I got on, there was a mother and her teenage daughter just in front of me.  One of the passes didn’t work and an argument started up between the driver and the mother.  I could hear them talking loudly, tempers rising, as I climbed up the…

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A Balloon Let Go — March 29, 2017
abstinence — March 28, 2017


Look what my talented new blogging friend did. Amazing what some people can do when you just toss a random word their way!

hands in the garden

A poem based on the word suggestion, “restore” from fellow WordPress blogger saynotoclowns. You can check out her page at Thank you for the suggestion and I hope you enjoy the composition. 🙂

abstiencemonth three, vice free

clarity restored:

insignificant and bored.

© Anthony Gorman 2017


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This Week’s Summary 3/20 – Transformations — March 20, 2017

This Week’s Summary 3/20 – Transformations

I’m so grateful for Stephen’s kindness!
Please take some time to check out the links he’s provided here, if you haven’t already. Some wonderful writing!!


I begin a new week in Hong Kong visiting family and its newest addition, a beautiful baby boy. Feels symbolic to me in many ways, but I don’t want to steal the moment from the new parents, rather, let’s review the past week. What began a transition from worrying about stats to learning the power of the community of writers in this corner of WordPress has transformed into a full-blown community of support that seems to have grown up around one idea in particular, The Backside of Night. This week, I posted my first round-up of the posts and more have come in since. Until the meme starts to mock itself, I will continue to update the round-up with new writer’s takes on this idea. As always, many thanks go out to Davy D for asking the question that inspired the quote and thereluctantpoet for his enthusiastic embrace of the…

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A Back Catalog Wrap-up: Say No To Clowns and a response: 40 Minutes. — March 19, 2017

A Back Catalog Wrap-up: Say No To Clowns and a response: 40 Minutes.

This remarkable writer (and heck of a nice guy) spent this last week checking out my blog. And now he’s gone to the trouble of writing this…I’m honoured more than I can say. How generous you are to your WP friends, Stephen!
Please take some time to read his work, if you don’t know him already. You will not be disappointed. He is an amazing talent.


As this week draws to a close, I am happy to report that my week spent with saynotoclowns was valuable beyond words. Digging around a fellow poet’s back catalog not only feels respectful, it is also a chance to connect to the larger human beings that we all are. In this week’s adventures I discovered a great writer, a deeply spiritual soul, and a musical kindred spirit whose taste in music already has me thinking about which musician I want to tackle after I finish my National series; Nick Cave comes to mind. Fortunately, I have a few more weeks to think about it, but I am pretty sure the Bad Seed is planted (so sorry, couldn’t resist).

My response poem to saynotoclowns tries to encapsulate the humor I found in her writing (…this woman’s first post was of a donkey for crying out loud!…) while also respecting her deep…

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She. — March 18, 2017


Thanks to Heart to Soul being my latest follower, I read this beautiful poem she wrote! It deserves to be shared!


She emerged out as warrior,. She never wanted to be a queen,. She was a beautiful poem,. Incomplete,unheard and unseen.

She wore her pain like high heels,. And walked towards her passion,. She cried in the night under her palms,. Yet, she is a marvelous temptation.

She again smiles the next morning,. As if she never cried last night,. She is a one man army,. Famous for love and known for fight.

She stands tall,in front of all,. Provides everybody with love and care, You may find a million girls, But a women like her is very rare.

She dances between the heart and brain,. Demanding for the right & forgiving the wrong. Now she has become difficult to sing,. She was a poem now transformed into song.

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Soul stirring music — March 17, 2017

Soul stirring music

I can’t help sharing this. I love cello music and these clips are incredible… Thanks so much Raili

soulgifts - Telling Tales

Charley’s  post  over at Crazy Life reminded just how much I love listening to the deep tones of the cello. So I hunted down a few video clips to share with you.

Did you know that the cello’s four strings are tuned in perfect fifths? That’s pretty important in the world of music. Here’s why –

The perfect fifth is the most important interval in tonal harmony… and it is used for tuning string instruments. It is a constituent interval for the fundamental chords of tonal harmony.” Wikipedia

I even found a Finnish cello metal band called Apocalyptica ! The band is composed of classically trained cellists, graduates of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki,  and a drummer.

 The cello’s low pitch is only beaten by that of the double bass. And here it is for comparison.

March 2017 Soul Gifting goes to Elaine’s Bloggers Paradise for being my…

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I Liked Your Poem — February 28, 2017

I Liked Your Poem

This brought me to my heart’s knees! For those of you who haven’t read it yet, this is how I feel about WordPress. Thank you for these divine words, Mark.

my miscellaneous thoughts and creativity

You were born, my god.

One day you learned the sounds,

you vocalized your need.

You grew, you played, you fell.

You wrote curvy words in school.

Something happened, maybe once.

It may have been chronic,

it may have been enough

to change you forever.

It may have been enough

to push you off the edge.

You may have seen the blood,

you may have kissed

a cold face, for the last time.

You may have offered everything,

you may have emptied yourself.

And there you stood

with the tangled mess

of imaginary paths and

muddled memories, consuming you.

Your anguish was killing you,

but your face buried it alive.

You were numb.

But, you were born again, my love.

One day, a soul sat by you, and

cracked your shell.

Another clenched your mind.

Later, another ravaged your pain.

Such succulent words they devised.

You were not alone.


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what I meant to say — February 26, 2017

what I meant to say

I’ve shared Steve’s work before, but if you missed it last time, check him out. I love his work. It’s unique and intriguing and beautiful. Plus, he’s funny. 🙂

inconstant light


Colors round the clock
and I await the pale hour,
cohesive integration.
I listen     beat     my heart     breathe     my breath,
call dullness meditation,
by contrast grey becomes another shadow.

pink anodic glows
I flew to other times in zones,
tinted suns, ascendant vectors,
daylight saving lost,
neon tubes with unequilibrated
electron swarms,
their flickering hypnotics in gaudy

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Whilst Sitting In The Park, I Discovered True Love — February 4, 2017

Whilst Sitting In The Park, I Discovered True Love

If you need a little light right now…
A gorgeous read, thanks Timere 😊

On The Other Side Of Darkness


I was sitting in the park after work yesterday, reading a book and enjoying the weather, when an older couple came toddling up.  They were so adorable.  They were holding hands and giggling together.  He asked if they could share the bench with me and I said, “Absolutely” figuring they wanted to rest for a bit then toddle on.  He took out his kerchief and dusted off the bench for her to sit down.  What a gentleman!

Honestly, watching this couple (out of the corner of my eye so as not to appear creepy or stalkery) was like watching to grey haired, wrinkly teenagers in love.  No, they didn’t grope each other or me.  As they sat there, I just couldn’t help myself, I had to ask “How long have you been married?”  She looked at me with a huge smile and said, “We married the day he got home…

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The Daily Song: Ordinary World/Joy Williams (Duran Duran) — January 27, 2017

The Daily Song: Ordinary World/Joy Williams (Duran Duran)

Oh my goodness, I recommend a listen to this gem Christine found. If you find yourself going down corridors reluctant to open doors you want to open for whatever your reasons, then this is the perfect accompaniment. And, while you’re at it, go to her site and read the lovely poem she wrote for it.

Brave and Reckless

This haunting cover of Duran Duran’s Ordinary World vibrated through my bones this morning like it contained secret messages about the world, about my life,that I was meant to decode.  Messages of haunting sadness, things lost, inner strength found. What did this stir for you?

Ordinary World

Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue
Thought I heard you talking softly.
I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio
Still I can’t escape the ghost of you
What has happened to it all?
Crazy, some’d say,
Where is the life that I recognize?
Gone away
But I won’t cry for yesterday, there’s an ordinary world,
Somehow I have to find.
And as I try to make my way, to the ordinary world
I will learn to survive.
Passion or coincidence once prompted you to say
“Pride will tear us both apart”
Well now pride’s gone out the…

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