say no to clowns

ebullient decay…

— May 21, 2017


he didn’t look up


he was afraid

the tenacious unspoken

in a thousand fragments

would crash down on him.

he was amazed the trees

were not bowed from the weight

of¬†that thing they couldn’t say

and he remembered that song…

he looked up at the¬†changing of the colours to paradox –

now weightless


it would be the paper cuts

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inversely stack shaped (take two) — May 17, 2017
what are the words (for mothers’ day) — May 15, 2017
“adam and eve” (take two) — May 5, 2017
lagged at jet speed (take two) —
sometimes two darks make a light — May 2, 2017
it’s January second afterall… —

it’s January second afterall…

(Today, while inspired by the wonderfully creative and philosophical mind of Aurora, once again,¬†Threadbare, that’s me myself and me all over again¬†I was reminded of this. And check out her blog, too, if you haven’t.)


Confused by the vapid voices of renewal

because it surely wasn’t her heart

that languided out of the new year cake

they did used to jump she recalled

she thought it was time to do something.

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“stainache” — April 25, 2017
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unchained memory — April 3, 2017
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VPS – vague peregrination scenario — March 31, 2017

VPS – vague peregrination scenario

A big thank you to another one of¬†Christine Ray’s¬†fine works, as a particular memory was triggered today.


Over twenty years ago, my husband and I were on our honeymoon.

I know. I have already shocked you in that first line. Or maybe I mean, me. I’m shocked.
Not just that we have been married for over twenty years. But because it wasn’t too long ago that¬†life existed without¬†GPS. And cell phones. And other BBD (blah blah devices).

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“A Storm Was Coming But I Didn’t Feel Nothing” — March 30, 2017
it’s not hard to see — March 29, 2017

it’s not hard to see

So for those of you who don’t know, I am married to a pastor.

I could seriously write a book about what life has been like in the last 20+ years living this reality. The thing is, if I did, I would have to kill everyone first. Because changing names wouldn’t be enough.
I jest, of course!

But today, I was listening to one of my favourite mashups, and I felt the need to give a shoutout to our church families.

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friendship — March 28, 2017


friendship is¬†simple. it’s also complex, but let’s ignore that.

it can be what we want it to be.
well, sometimes. there is such a thing as unrealistic expectations but that’s not what this post is about. this post is simple. this post will simply concentrate on the lovely simplicity of simple friendship.

take the friendship cats offer just as one example:

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ropeless ring —
— March 27, 2017