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it was her — May 21, 2017

it was her

Every way she listened, there were endings.
This weight of pretense had to be shifted.
It was time to chord change them out of the cliché, and even though his music always made her dance, his shadows were not hers.

So she did what he didn’t expect. She brought the pig’s heart.
And they drank the wine…

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a long intro to a great song…

When my husband and I met in ’93 (what a great time for music, right?) I definitely had monsters under my bed. tsunami

He did not. We came from very different worlds (er, picture organic hippy heart idealist meeting Monsanto…) But underneath it all we had similar souls. He is quite the poet. A profound thinker used to clowning around to deal with certain aspects of his life as well.

I vented to him about a lot of things, I guess you could say. Or, you could say, I was like a  Continue reading

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I had lunch recently at the Organic Cafe in Stirling with my dear friend Melissa, for my birthday. The date will be indelibly marked in my mind now, as she made a comment on my About page when we were there.

One of the women in critical condition from the London terrorist attack works in this cafe, I found out today (I don’t know her personally). I have been going there for years. It’s an institution now in the Adelaide hills.

Of course, there’s so much we could all say, and debate and whatever. But I just wanted to listen to this. So I thought I would share it.

I love this piece of music. I bought it on cassette years ago, it moved my young heart so deeply. The cries from an anguished heart, that is something we can all relate to.


(I am not Catholic, but if you are interested, here is the context, and these are the words, in Polish of course:

“Movement 2 – Lento e largo – tranquillissimo
The second movement is based on a message found scrawled on a Gestapo prison cell wall in 1944 by an 18 year old girl Helena Wanda Blazusiakówna:
No, Mother, do not weep,
Most chaste Queen of Heaven
Help me always.
Hail Mary.
It is heralded by a radiant set of chords that has made the whole work famous, but then quickly darkens. Again, the theme is motherhood, but this time, the child calls out to the mother, both actual and spiritual.”

And if you would like even more context: Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)

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