“don’t let me bore you with my knowledge of New Zealand…”

     (NB May be some coarse language…and I don’t mean when they quote Australians…)

I have yet to understand how our accents can be so different.

I watched a whole documentary once. On the plane. To New Zealand.

It answered not my questions. It was an hour long exercise in finding different ways to say

we have no idea

why the New Zealand accent is as it is

(Just between us, my husband was pretty excited when the air hostess started talking about “door sex”.  He thought we had, indeed, found the most welcoming country on the planet.

“Door six” the person next to us so helpfully pointed out…)

When checking out of our hotel in Auckland I had to ask my husband to translate,

my American husband to his Australian wife.

I am not proud of this fact. But it is what it is.

(I mean, my ear was filled with Americanese, because we lived there. And, well, my husband speaks it.)

He is better with languages anyway…