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friendship — March 28, 2017


friendship is simple. it’s also complex, but let’s ignore that.

it can be what we want it to be.
well, sometimes. there is such a thing as unrealistic expectations but that’s not what this post is about. this post is simple. this post will simply concentrate on the lovely simplicity of simple friendship.

take the friendship cats offer just as one example:

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the journey doesn’t end here… — March 22, 2017
Recurring Dream — March 16, 2017

Recurring Dream

This is a reworking of a poem I wrote a couple of months ago, after visiting an old friend in Arizona. These gorgeous trees surrounded our camp site. A night by a campfire, sharing sorrows and burdens with an old friend, is one of the best things in life imho. Thanks to Charles, the reluctant poet   for inviting me to join ‘the back side of the night’ theme started by The sailor poet.  I really appreciate their encouragement, as well as that by Davy at Davy D blog.  Thanks Guys!



How those maudlin woods enticed us

adorned so enchantingly with unprecipitation

and the black of trees’ core,

begging interpretation from the sympatheticly dressed.

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for Melissa — March 14, 2017
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grey’s end —
“choirs of stars appearing…” — February 21, 2017
sepiated — February 13, 2017



(I took this photo yesterday of my father. He still works as a landscaper, at 83! He helps to take care of this beautiful property for his friend, who died a couple of years ago. He helps to lovingly tend it for her children who currently live elsewhere.)


your whispering  legacy haunted

those delightfully enchanted trees

they bashfully danced to the harmony’s spell

you cast on ebullient breeze.

gentle tread of your variegated spirit

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dresden — February 9, 2017



Thirteen years have already passed Dresden, and I still remember the way your venerable spirit soaked through my pores, filling my lungs with a new language.

But it wasn’t until my beloved friend started to sing, that my heart translated the stories she told me, the unspeakable truths of her tormented past.

Never have I been so moved by sound, the waves joyously belying the stripped beneath. Struggling to remain standing, my heart already on its knees, Perspective winded me in all tenses.

If ever anyone should bow to any sense of venerable, it was now, at her humble feet. I took a photo, one that should be in the dictionary…

for Mary Beth — January 16, 2017

for Mary Beth

my dear friend

my old friend

my forever friend

so happy we reconnected

and friendship should always be celebrated (didn’t expect this did you? Ha. Gotcha. Plus, I always liked this song! Just thought of it today after we parted. Girl, how you make me laugh.)

Above all those others, keep flying…  ❤

(ah synchronicity, I just realised I wrote a poem about a family member with some of this imagery and I’ve never seen this video before. there’s no snow in our snow globe (part one) )

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