say no to clowns

ebullient decay…

it’s January second afterall… — May 2, 2017

it’s January second afterall…

(Today, while inspired by the wonderfully creative and philosophical mind of Aurora, once again, Threadbare, that’s me myself and me all over again I was reminded of this. And check out her blog, too, if you haven’t.)


Confused by the vapid voices of renewal

because it surely wasn’t her heart

that languided out of the new year cake

they did used to jump she recalled

she thought it was time to do something.

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a little hungover WordPress?

First day of the year.

Evaluating movement through life’s substance. (Or is it residue?)

Remember when you told me Vaseline was made from gasoline, and here, have some for the healing…

Remember how we wanted that clown for the party?

Me neither.

(I tried to publish this three times and WP didn’t save it for some reason. Hence the title 🙂 …I thought it was just me. Maybe it is…)

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