say no to clowns

ebullient decay…

nothing to see here — March 27, 2017

nothing to see here

David Ruston
floral art by David Ruston, flower arranging genius

I have to write!

Which begs a million tangents.

But I’m in my bath robe

and my house needs organising

and these papers need sorting

and there are dates disappearing

into forests of my mind that choke with unclearing.

And an artist has died, and the whole world should have cried

but it all goes on.

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grey’s end — March 5, 2017
music juxtapose me — March 3, 2017
sepiated — February 13, 2017



(I took this photo yesterday of my father. He still works as a landscaper, at 83! He helps to take care of this beautiful property for his friend, who died a couple of years ago. He helps to lovingly tend it for her children who currently live elsewhere.)


your whispering  legacy haunted

those delightfully enchanted trees

they bashfully danced to the harmony’s spell

you cast on ebullient breeze.

gentle tread of your variegated spirit

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redolent of something — January 17, 2017