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prayer — January 26, 2017
loop pool (part two) — November 26, 2016
hikikomori — November 14, 2016
saudade — October 5, 2016


It’s been a word on my mind for years. Well, not the word, actually. Because I don’t speak Portuguese. (And in case you don’t either: saudade)

But we all know its colours and its scents and its sounds. We all know where to go to find its vividestness.  Perhaps, some kind of closet…

(And we all wish it were a word in English, because, I mean, Saudade!) 

One of the things I love about CS Lewis…he can take a heartwrenching word like this one and give it resolution. Not by his own invention of course, but in his descriptions of Christ realities – whether he’s taking it to another heavenly/”far-off country”/Christ longing level in the Narnia series, (hidden in a closet, no less) …or in brilliant descriptions like this one The inconsolable secret.

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nepenthe of nepenthes — September 12, 2016