say no to clowns

ebullient decay…

— May 21, 2017


he didn’t look up


he was afraid

the tenacious unspoken

in a thousand fragments

would crash down on him.

he was amazed the trees

were not bowed from the weight

of that thing they couldn’t say

and he remembered that song…

he looked up at the changing of the colours to paradox –

now weightless


it would be the paper cuts

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it was her —

it was her

Every way she listened, there were endings.
This weight of pretense had to be shifted.
It was time to chord change them out of the cliché, and even though his music always made her dance, his shadows were not hers.

So she did what he didn’t expect. She brought the pig’s heart.
And they drank the wine…

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The Power of a Song

Thanks Melissa. This is beautiful.

Wallflower Blossoming

Have you ever listened to a piece of music that was so perfect that it gave you chills every time you heard it?  The song “Bring Him Home” by The Piano Guys is one of those pieces of music. (Link below.) I could listen to it a thousand times over and never fail to hear the yearning and passion in every note.

Did you also know that this kind of music has the power to change even the most stressful moments into an atmosphere of peace?  Let me share an example.

The other day, I was taking the bus to run an errand.  As I got on, there was a mother and her teenage daughter just in front of me.  One of the passes didn’t work and an argument started up between the driver and the mother.  I could hear them talking loudly, tempers rising, as I climbed up the…

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a long intro to a great song… — April 4, 2017

a long intro to a great song…

When my husband and I met in ’93 (what a great time for music, right?) I definitely had monsters under my bed. tsunami

He did not. We came from very different worlds (er, picture organic hippy heart idealist meeting Monsanto…) But underneath it all we had similar souls. He is quite the poet. A profound thinker used to clowning around to deal with certain aspects of his life as well.

I vented to him about a lot of things, I guess you could say. Or, you could say, I was like a  Continue reading

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