I was pondering if I really wanted to use “splinter” as a metaphor,
(as I’m trying really hard to duct tape the ones in my head together,
duct tape),
when the unthinkable happened.
I leaned back on that comfortable wooden bench down at the river…
But I refuse to be bitter.
This song is for you, Murphy.

(I am not normally a Guy Sebastian fan but I love this. Music starts at 1.10)

Fiction, prose

no one is around (part one)

“Can we just lie here for a moment? She knows what to do
and it’s so much easier to make out the words if you press
your ear against the stone.”

He hated this place. But she promised it would be the last time.
And it had started to snow. It would hopefully slow the others down.

They needed to leave. He was too scared to look at his watch
and he was struck by how beautiful she looked in this light.
That pink light, reflecting from the tears frozen on her face.

He pulled her gently up from her mother’s grave.


mother they are coming again
they come to shoot what we already lost
mother they are coming again
our silver covered by their rust

father they are coming again
they come to jail the things that i have seen
father they are coming again
burning minds to keep the ruin clean

no one is around

„little girl there’s safer ground
follow the sea and you will find that place
little girl there’s safer ground
come take your years and put them in their hands“




pixabay image


Inverted in space,

suspended in the north

with a southerly persuasion,

my heart grown in two,



Bejewelled moments

I want to break off to keep,

but my weeping hands

sift the fractures in wrong places.


I hold on instead –

ached to this perfect petal,

floated away on familiar

rivered Breeze.


originally posted 30th Jan, 2017

personal, Poetry

agapanthus globe


1000 sundowns

Thanks to Mr Ward Clever doing a post on the  saddest song, and consequently doing my head in as I tried to think of just one(!)…I thought of Emma Louise. This song isn’t necessarily the saddest, but the way she performs all of her work, is so moving.

I found this live performance where she briefly explains the story behind this song. Plus, I personally think this performance is exquisite. So I thought I would share it. Because, why cry alone? *unambiguous smiley face emoji*



Tonight I had dinner with a good friend, and long story short, we talked a little about lego. Then I thought of this song.

And the stormy weather tonight provided wonderful building blocks for writing the best song in the history of the universe, I’m guessing. But alas, I am not a song writer.

But there is still this awesome song. So if you need a dance break (of course you I do) 

personal, Poetry

tonight, while 5 year old niece performs surgery…

on her owl backpack,

“Doctor Vanessa,

she does have blood in her wing

so she’ll be fine.

But there’s no milk

or strawberries

or blue berries.

Or furpleberries…”

“But she’s allergic to furpleberries” I remind her.

“Oh yeah, don’t give her furpleberries”.

Serious silence sinews our thoughts together.


“Dr Vanessa,

I took off her heart

so she won’t be sick anymore.”


“Why, Dr Bailee,

you’re a genius…”


After contemplating the important work we’ve accomplished,

eight year old niece decides we need a song. Her currently favourite song.

(If you are so inclined, please sing and dance with us):



(featured image artwork by Dr Bailee)



personal, prose

For some reason, this gorgeous song popped into my head.
Could be because I am sitting by the fire, and I have a cold, and I don’t like the things in my head right now.
This was probably a cry for help from my brain…and it reminded me of this post I did last December.
And here’s a confession, I haven’t seen ‘Hidden Figures’ yet. I know, it’s kind of shocking. But do yourself a favour, and listen to the song on here sometime. It makes for a sublime lullaby.
Oh, and see ‘The Dish’. You know, when you feel like it. God knows I hate bossy social media posts. Except when they have great advice (cough).
Speaking of which, Goodnight xo


I was just watching a commercial for a new movie about the first moon landing. I think it’s called, ‘Hidden Figures’, I don’t remember exactly as a few minutes have passed already. But I was immediately reminded of one of my favourite movies, ‘the Dish’…

I strongly recommend you watch it first if you’re considering seeing the new one. Actually, even if you’re not, you should still watch it, because, then you will be an even more well rounded person. I’m kidding. I don’t know what I’m saying. I just like laughing at myself. It’s always funnier in my head. Because obviously…

I am, in no way, influenced by my Australian bias, except that it’s set in Australia with that brand of humour the world has come to know and love, (and when I say world, I obviously mean people like me) plus Patrick Warburton is in it. You would, no doubt, know him from other movies I consider classic like, ‘the Emperor’s New Groove’ and, well, who cares really? That’s obviously enough of a recommendation.

Right now I am actually in the US visiting in-laws, and if you are anywhere like me, where it’s minus one million degrees outside, you might be considering this some of the best advice you have ever received, because it’s obvious you’re wondering what the heck you could do tonight. (I have no clue what you’re wondering, if that isnt obvious) So you’re welcome. 🙂

One of the more impacting scenes is accompanied by this achingly gorgeous piece of music, perfectly and angelically executed by Dawn Upshaw. I understand 2 videos in one post could possibly make your head explode, (I should rightly edit that…when I say your, I mean my, I can be a little impatient…) but I’m kind of hoping your heart will instead…


shameless Aussie movie plug

Fiction, prose

safer ground (part two)


She didn't say anything.
Why wasn't she saying anything?
But she had.
She just couldn't hear her.
She had always heard her through her heart, and now
it was frozen to her cheeks.

He lifted her up as her chest was caving in.
He sang instead. The words she had taught him when they met, 
years before.
The ones she had heard from her mother's friend. Before they
never saw him again.

"Little girl, there's safer ground..."
That ground. Rising up out of the sea of him.

mother they are coming again
they come to shoot what we already lost
mother they are coming again
our silver covered by their rust

father they are coming again
they come to jail the things that i have seen
father they are coming again
burning minds to keep the ruin clean

no one is around

„little girl there’s safer ground
 follow the sea and you will find that place
 little girl there’s safer ground
 come take your years and put them in their hands“
personal, prose

Where are you going?

img_20170113_100300When I was little, this was the recording of Godspell our family owned. There were only a couple of songs I liked on there, and this was, by far, my favourite. (I saw the movie once and didn’t like it. I have a sneaking suspicion it was because there were clowns 😉 …well, at least one, ironically, singing this lovely song). But I still love this song, and it popped into my head today after reading the news.

This is still my favourite version. It’s really beautiful. The longing in her voice got into my bone marrow. And it’s intriguing. So I thought I’d share it, for those interested, in case you haven’t heard this one.

(The meaning of ‘By My Side’)

Christian, Fiction, prose

she left

She heard them! The chords of cogency. Crescendoing. Pulsating with hermeneutical harmonies that filled her with a sensation she hadn’t felt in years. The clarity descending in notes that burst her heart.
Her heart. That’s what she could feel!

She was right to leave.
And she didn’t just walk. She floated. On the weightless tears of Another.
He turned her back, from face down, and she left forever.
Right out of that grave.




crocheting continuity

in the weaving waves

of sound sublimity,


the embossing of the

dimensional trinity


by the cerebral unity,


g(r)asped by incredulous senses converted

to heights of clarity –


the aching symphony


scaffolding the wholing

of peace.

Christian, Poetry

“adam and eve”

Fiction, prose

you’ll never be home

It was the first time she had come back to his space. They walked into the room where he didn’t do much living and he showed her the place. On the wall. Where he strung up the different shades of pathos.
In the right order, of course.

She was more impressed than she thought she would be.
And now she was scared.
Scared that he knew right where to put her.


(NB. there may be an expletive in here)

Fiction, Poetry

sometimes two darks make a light

he wore his strobe light

to precise his own sight

incising surreal

into a savoury byte


she wore lightning cloud

it fireworked the shroud

the diaphanous shield

of cataract crowd


they met late one noon

not a decade too soon

their time in half life

when lit by half moon


they laughingly shied

and together they cried

out relief of their failing

when hopeless they tried



endless illumination

their timing instead

fuelled love’s fascination-


of dark with the dark

love’s company,

divine spark…


a little fun or something, personal, prose

I’m not sure what this is…

So while I was pondering what exercise I could do to work off the crazy amount of food I have eaten today (I blame the weather. It suddenly turned cold like autumn, after unseasonably warm weather, like autumn. But now it’s cold, like autumn), I found this.

This took me back to memories I am sure I have somewhere. And the time travelling was exhausting, to say the least. Not to mention the memories of always going everywhere on skates. So, considering this song is over three minutes long, I’m checking the exercise box off my list for today. Take that gym bitc junkies!

PS And yes, the disco ball is still in my kitchen. That thing ain’t going anywhere.
Have we had that conversation?