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ebullient decay…

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all to myself — February 20, 2017

all to myself

I started this draft a few days ago and I don’t know why I wrote that title but all I am thinking about now is a friend who is dying and I am so bad at goodbyes…please don’t make me say it

please don’t say it to me

and you can wax long and lyrical to me about how saying goodbye shows strength and blah blah but I don’t agree because we weren’t created to be parted I much prefer Wiedersehen

and then I remembered the time

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levity brevity cultural prosperity — February 9, 2017
a little hungover WordPress? — January 2, 2017

a little hungover WordPress?

First day of the year.

Evaluating movement through life’s substance. (Or is it residue?)

Remember when you told me Vaseline was made from gasoline, and here, have some for the healing…

Remember how we wanted that clown for the party?

Me neither.

(I tried to publish this three times and WP didn’t save it for some reason. Hence the title šŸ™‚ …I thought it was just me. Maybe it is…)

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