you pulled away


you pulled away

the footsteps coiling around my neck.

a gentleness bled

into prints excoriated


the first rains crawling

along droughted river beds

shoe shaped cracks that choke


my heart swept up

into Your dark embrace

the Darkness beyond human myopia


seen only through the lens

of tears given Divine

You reached through dimensions

of suffering, the kind


that decodes DNA

and breathes, reanimates


Eye to eye

Heart to heart

humility scorned

now plays the part…




Photo credit: my husband


myrla easter morning.JPG

(there was a time, many years ago, when I was interested in Satanism.  I was rescued from it. It’s not something I talk about much anymore. And I’m not looking to now. But I so love this song, it perfectly captures that time of my life. And for whatever reason, this bubbled up to the surface)


every colour of the distant rainbow

on the tip of time’s paintbrush

thrown against the wall of my dreams

colours thrashed together by the momentum

leaving the greyest indentation,

its essence sliding down

into its own swell,

its rumbling almost indiscernible

as it slowly gathers speed

chasing me down.

I turn, giddy,

the colour red breaking free, taking the lead.

completely enraptured by the engulfing

of horror.

senses birthed to death,

the trap, so perfectly, intoxicatingly, un coloured

the red whirlwinding me down into the black. The black that swallows black.

choked by the screams of other

this is not the kiss you promised me

Oh God, I (don’t) want that kiss…