meditation (revisited)

There, in the eye,

Love’s figure, fissured

by colours cryptic, satiating,

whispered Wisdom – the Calm under millennia,

reaching out, with a tenderness that can’t be borne,

the Loving Gaze through blood stained windows,

the Gentle peeling of inside tattoos

(tendrilling mercilessly around throats),

that He incises

into His heart




the deafening…




of the mirror falling

breaking into shards of rain


The welcome filling

of  unwelcome cracks

in the halls of the criminally sane.


The midnighting of light

and the folding of the fan of every colour

into its resting place


the praying of the weary

the relief in flowing tears, theres no grieving

for the mirror’s freak showed face.


photo credit: Alex Voigt

she left

She heard them! The chords of cogency. Crescendoing. Pulsating with hermeneutical harmonies that filled her with a sensation she hadn’t felt in years. The clarity descending in notes that burst her heart.
Her heart. That’s what she could feel!

She was right to leave.
And she didn’t just walk. She floated. On the weightless tears of Another.
He turned her back, from face down, and she left forever.
Right out of that grave.


She climbed for the view…


over all of the pieces

missing in action


but so far from field

she was too high to collect

any meaningful


semblance of early

configurations of their



She had to go down

and follow the river bed,

to lie underneath,


to wait in the depths.

Heart broken by the sight and



by the breath of One

already there, bleeding out

poem’s syllables.




something (part two)


Midnight tunes

thought balloons

filled in, and

it’s coming around again.


misplaced clowns

haunted frowns

shaving paint

the mirror’s afloat again.


poignant eyes

bleed unlies

trip that thread

now what did they mean again?


If I had words I’d tell you

I don’t walk miles to let you know

you are near and so far

my most unimagined song.


I don’t climb but I see you

I don’t dig but I rest beneath

those salient words that you breathe

I’m drenched in unimagined air…


something (part one, revised)