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lagged at jet speed (take two) — May 5, 2017
VPS – vague peregrination scenario — March 31, 2017

VPS – vague peregrination scenario

A big thank you to another one of Christine Ray’s fine works, as a particular memory was triggered today.


Over twenty years ago, my husband and I were on our honeymoon.

I know. I have already shocked you in that first line. Or maybe I mean, me. I’m shocked.
Not just that we have been married for over twenty years. But because it wasn’t too long ago that life existed without GPS. And cell phones. And other BBD (blah blah devices).

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out of time with the music — March 25, 2017
don’t let me bore you with my knowledge of New Zealand… — March 24, 2017

don’t let me bore you with my knowledge of New Zealand…

     (NB May be some coarse language…and I don’t mean when they quote Australians…)

I have yet to understand how our accents can be so different.

I watched a whole documentary once. On the plane. To New Zealand.

It answered not my questions. It was an hour long exercise in finding different ways to say

we have no idea

why the New Zealand accent is as it is.

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Oh US road trips, how I love you… — March 22, 2017
Recurring Dream — March 16, 2017

Recurring Dream

This is a reworking of a poem I wrote a couple of months ago, after visiting an old friend in Arizona. These gorgeous trees surrounded our camp site. A night by a campfire, sharing sorrows and burdens with an old friend, is one of the best things in life imho. Thanks to Charles, the reluctant poet   for inviting me to join ‘the back side of the night’ theme started by The sailor poet.  I really appreciate their encouragement, as well as that by Davy at Davy D blog.  Thanks Guys!



How those maudlin woods enticed us

adorned so enchantingly with unprecipitation

and the black of trees’ core,

begging interpretation from the sympatheticly dressed.

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