*Trigger warning: there’s a picture of a clown in this post




I have started cleaning house.
I’m going to be brutal. (No, really…)

Then two days ago I found this.
It belonged to my twin brother.
Why I have it, I cannot answer.
(Mostly due to temporary paralysis, and now I just can’t remember).

But it is,
the stuff of nightmares.
(And italicized, centralised, poetic importance.)

And I swear, I heard some synapses burn out when I saw it. And others that absolutely refused to be created…

(Also, if you can, take a moment to listen to this…
oh my…)

interminable iota


I admit. I am rather happy to see this year end. It just seemed appropriate to repost this (from the 17th of Dec, last year).


that pause of minutest minutes

between the un and the furl.

the joyous window unwinding

that threatens the re and the curl.

the risk of the lean

into the breeze,

minute puts out its smoke

and falls to its knees.

it’s time to go sailing


shameless Aussie movie plug

For some reason, this gorgeous song popped into my head.
Could be because I am sitting by the fire, and I have a cold, and I don’t like the things in my head right now.
This was probably a cry for help from my brain…and it reminded me of this post I did last December.
And here’s a confession, I haven’t seen ‘Hidden Figures’ yet. I know, it’s kind of shocking. But do yourself a favour, and listen to the song on here sometime. It makes for a sublime lullaby.
Oh, and see ‘The Dish’. You know, when you feel like it. God knows I hate bossy social media posts. Except when they have great advice (cough).
Speaking of which, Goodnight xo


I was just watching a commercial for a new movie about the first moon landing. I think it’s called, ‘Hidden Figures’, I don’t remember exactly as a few minutes have passed already. But I was immediately reminded of one of my favourite movies, ‘the Dish’…

I strongly recommend you watch it first if you’re considering seeing the new one. Actually, even if you’re not, you should still watch it, because, then you will be an even more well rounded person. I’m kidding. I don’t know what I’m saying. I just like laughing at myself. It’s always funnier in my head. Because obviously…

I am, in no way, influenced by my Australian bias, except that it’s set in Australia with that brand of humour the world has come to know and love, (and when I say world, I obviously mean people like me) plus Patrick Warburton is in it. You would, no doubt, know him from other movies I consider classic like, ‘the Emperor’s New Groove’ and, well, who cares really? That’s obviously enough of a recommendation.

Right now I am actually in the US visiting in-laws, and if you are anywhere like me, where it’s minus one million degrees outside, you might be considering this some of the best advice you have ever received, because it’s obvious you’re wondering what the heck you could do tonight. (I have no clue what you’re wondering, if that isnt obvious) So you’re welcome. 🙂

One of the more impacting scenes is accompanied by this achingly gorgeous piece of music, perfectly and angelically executed by Dawn Upshaw. I understand 2 videos in one post could possibly make your head explode, (I should rightly edit that…when I say your, I mean my, I can be a little impatient…) but I’m kind of hoping your heart will instead…


out of time with the music

the way toddlers dance to the notes in between the way DNA composes the seams notes of divine harmony and unexplained dreams the reticent wavelengths shudder unseen at unanticipated syncopation

the pause in rotation

uncentering my core

unsettling the fore-

gone conclusion

that one day

my spirit

will settle down…

I got a heart full of rubber bands
that keep getting caught on things…


img_20170209_205729_277Thirteen years have already passed and I still remember the way Dresden’s venerable spirit soaked through my pores.

But it wasn’t until my beloved friend started to sing, that my heart translated the stories she told me, the unspeakable truths of her tormented past.

Never have I been so moved by sound. Perspective winded me in all tenses.

If ever anyone should bow to any sense of venerable, it was now, at her humble feet. I took a photo, one that should be in the dictionary…


onominapia 137

My soul in sympathy

to those expressing grief –

I marvel at the articulation

of WordPress poets

who graciously lavish beauty

beyond horizons.

But all I can do

is exhale

the outline of a sigh,

knowing they will fill it

with words lit by transcendence

and an ancient promise,

because my own soul is heavy,

and this snow falls in

like the sighing watch of the night…

Romans 8:26


photo: Chase Miller