parting ways

“I thought it only fair to warn you, but the baby will come at dark. And you know how they like to prey.”

She shuddered as the courage in her spine parted ways, some into the atmosphere, the rest slipping into the earth. She knew he didn’t mean pray.

Overwhelmed with gratitude and relief that he had come, the baby moved inside her.


When I woke this morning these words were in my head! What on earth had I been dreaming? I hadn’t thought about writing  short stories, but maybe I’ve changed my mind…

19 thoughts on “parting ways

        1. Singledust says:

          and you are always sweet to me. you should explore this more. as I have said before I start writing with a feeling. no thoughts. no words. just a feeling. I think I said too often it has become others mantra now! but do that. the words will flow. and you have the gift of deep contemplation. your pen will create the words.

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      1. mahbuttitches says:

        If you’re happy and enjoying it, who gives a crap what it’s called? I love it for sure 😊😊 the way you distill the emotions in such short phrases is nothing short of magnificent!! If it ends up with travolta dancing, hey it happens 🤣🤣

        Liked by 1 person

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