14 thoughts on “the trash man cometh!

  1. Knock knock , who’s there ? Not the milkman nah not even the paper man or the mail guy , yeah, my dear Venessa , there goes your slumber and your dream. My friend, I am sorry.

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  2. I understand trash very well! And my punishment is…. the link cannot be viewed in Canada! Boo…. I so love the music from the Piano. And the film was one of my favourite ever.

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  3. This poem reminded me of the poor Trash Can Man from The Stand.
    SNTC? you took this featured picture? It’s sublime, the greenery!!
    This piano piece; I enjoyed it–it was raining while I was listening to it. Eee.

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    • I have never read it. haha I can assure you I did not have that in mind when I wrote this 🙂
      And thank you so much for the lovely comment on the photo. Yes, I took it. Most of the photos on my blog are mine. This was taken in the French Alps in the spring about 13 years ago. I remember it was a perfectly gorgeous day.
      I’m glad you liked the music too 🙂 Ah, rain! Perfect!

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