a little fun or something, General bewilderment, Poetry

title? but I’m trying to restrain myself

Life, its cruise, untils and snooze and streams of semi-consciousness,
time and ruse and bills and flus and beams of demi-righteousness,

cracks and crevices,
furtive nemesis,
falling in
deceitful fetishes,

the current, it fools
in ego pools

and just how many tsunamis can fit in here,

I’ll be over here with my tea,



im sorry

Remember this? I mean the meme. I mean, I hope you didn’t drive your truck into a tree…




57 thoughts on “title? but I’m trying to restrain myself

    • backing away in bewilderment, realising the futility of being involved. It all depends on context of course, but this is one of the ways I let off steam, writing like this. Trying to see some of the humour in it.
      (Also aware, that any human is vulnerable to ego issues, and sometimes I don’t want mine to get involved and do damage either!) πŸ™‚

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      • anie says:

        that’s very wise words again, Vanessa. And you can certainly ponder your poetry for hours, because every word has its value and I feel very well.
        “furtive nemesis
        falling in
        deceitful fetishes,

        the current fools
        in ego pools “.
        It always depends on the involvement of how involved in a thing. And in Germany there is a saying: “Humor is when you laugh anyway!” … I admire your humor … really!

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  1. Brilliant Vanessa. There is a touch of e e cummings here. Not the driving, the poetry πŸ™‚ Each time I read this post (title, poem and picture) something different pops into my head. At the moment I’m thinking, Do they still make shirts like that? And in that colour?

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  2. Hi Vanessa, I’m having trouble catching up, I haven’t put my truck up a tree “yet”, just been tripping over too many egos on the way here, and I might need one of those shirts, I’m cruising soon, ask hubby if they have Hawaiian style colours.

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