So after FFP and I figured out how to share this, because I am a bit share illiterate, and we are staring at our screens wondering where the ‘reblog’ button went…I am giving this a go…

If you are so inclined, click on this. I thought it was a gorgeous piece. And by piece, I mean the poem, as lovely as the artwork is.

(Also, I love that it’s not on Valentine’s Day).


Enigmas like this Don’t come ’round every bend: How best he be told, (In language aptly bold) Of the love, The constant LOVE I have for the storm of him? My impassions brimmed, I aim at words to tell it all, Make other love-claimers ashamed, Inadequate– Though even my claim is not Commensurate To the […]

via Alp — Fitful, Fearful, Phantasmal

17 thoughts on “ALP

  1. Diana says:

    Freaking….amazing!!! There I was all ready to catch up on emails 😍 when I thought I’d check in on your blog and voila!! This poem is SO big I had to read it out loud in s breathless, rapper style flourish. It resonated big time! Great reblog Ms Awesomeness.
    I guess my emailing will be a fun activity on the morrow 😌😘

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        1. saynotoclowns says:

          Well, she has a daughter called Vanessa! What else do you need to know haha
          Go for it! She and her talent are worthy of stalking! She’s funny and self deprecating. Two of my favourite qualities (apart from the fab writing hehe)

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                  1. Diana says:

                    😌 I was surprised by the intensity with which I grieved. When she said she thought about me often and my letters were what she looked forward too every day, I was profoundly moved. She confessed this to me at the last … for if she had said it earlier I would have written more for sure. But we both spoke from a deep place, and more letters might have exhausted her further. Again I say I was blessed to be able to share time with her.
                    I’m also blessed to have you with your generous ear and empathy VV 😘

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                    1. saynotoclowns says:

                      Us humans…it often takes given time limits for us to prioritise, right? The things that snap in to focus…I’m sure your letters must have brought comfort at such a difficult time…what a gift you were to her!!
                      Thank you for saying, I feel blessed our paths have crossed 😘


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