She didn’t know his name.
He couldn’t remember it either. Well, not his real name. His parents never used it. And he left home at his first opportunity. He would just say “Ersatz” whenever someone asked.

She loved the dreams he gave her. She had never dreamed before, not that she could recall. But the images he left in her sleep’s mind, they were not ersatz.



    1. Hi!
      Thank you and thank you!
      I hadn’t heard that song in ages, but I loved it in the 90s, then the other night I heard some music that reminded me of it. I was so glad to be reminded of it, I still love it.

      Hope you’re well 🌸

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          1. Yes, she and my friend are so much alike in this video. The clothes, the hair, the style in general. Or maybe I should say “were”, because my friend’s hairstyle is different now. She isn’t musical, but had attended an acting school, so she is artistic too!

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  1. Quite magical, Vanessa, like the Mazzy song that I haven’t heard for a long time. So Ersatz is like the Vendedor de Sonhos, the Dream Seller, although, even in Simone’s song, close to my favouritest, they are not really sold, but given away.

    I have an idea you changed your avatar and I may be noticing late; I like it, BTW.

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    1. Thank you Steve! Magical is wonderful.
      The song was a tad inspirational in this case, although I am pretty sure I read that it is more about addiction than a relationship. I think it is more the atmosphere of it that conjured whatever this is.

      You wrote about the Dream Seller I remember, which i just started looking up then saw the time, and, yikes, I need sleep. I must come back to listen to that.

      Your idea is indeed correct. And no, you are not noticing late. It’s only been a few days. It is kind of in honour of the recent surprise rain we had, which I was so overjoyed about and stayed up pretty late to listen to, and my goofiness…I thought I should update it, but I really don’t like taking selfies, and in the process, it suddenly started raining…which distracted me, hence the fake, thoughtfully faraway look, but that was me looking towards the back door and accidentally taking the shot at the same time. haha I have done that before. When I saw it, I thought, hey this kinda looks professional. LOL. I probably shouldn’t give away all of my clutzy secrets …
      But thank you!

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      1. I used to love Golden Brown, thought it was strange and mysterious, had no idea at all it was about drugs, Mr Innocence. All I can say is how music affects us is complicated.

        So after reading your piece, commenting, and playing it, my “addiction” to Vendedor de Sonhos took hold again and I put all the information under my new post. Again. I can’t explain it and it’s hard to translate the lyrics properly. Is it about another time and place? At least it’s a cheap addiction. Even legal.

        Will the universe explode? Will the hero escape the tiger pit? To be continued in another comment.

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        1. Golden Brown is a great song! Ugh, our air is golden brown with this awful wind storm we are currently in!
          haha well I can relate to the Innocent thing 🙂

          My current prediction on the universe exploding is that in this wind right now, it came to the very cusp and then started to ease slightly. But that could also just be my mind I am talking about. I really hope it isn’t some kind of glitch in dream selling/giving/sharing that isn’t breaking through, just keeps the dust swirling. Sigh, I am going to have a glass of wine.

          There’s a tiger pit?!?!?! More wine. More wine. 😀

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          1. Sorry to hear that about the dust-laden wind. I’ve seen all the weather records that have been set recently. I wish I could offer an optimistic thought. I try not to run around the streets yelling, “The sky is falling.”

            With the Tiger pit, I should have made it clear I was referring to the beer from Thailand, which is quite good actually. You have to drink your way out.

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        2. So I was just trying to catch up on your homo sapiens series, and I read beta 5…and it occurred to me how you book ended your comment on here so nicely…Mr Innocent…tiger pit…I mean tyger pit…
          It also makes me ponder that in Christian belief, all creation was vegetarian in the beginning perfect state…
          hahaha Adamstown. Oh my, that made me laugh so hard, and I didn’t know that was a suburb of Newcastle…I just thought it was funny for other reasons.

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          1. Thank you for reading through, Vanessa. It wound up being quite a long story.

            With the Tiger pit, which I’ve now explained with more beer than Blake, I have to say serialisation can be fun, trying to create suspense, etc.

            Creation, for me, is a complicated topic. I suppose if we began with perfection, there is only one direction to go… And that gets back to my favourite topic of time, of which I still understand almost nothing.

            Adamstown was a fortunate coincidence. I have some idea why it might be amusing apart from that. 😸

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            1. It was my absolute pleasure. I didn’t think it was too long, i thought the development of it seemed very natural, I can’t imagine any parts left out. I think you have mastered the serialisation technique!

              Creation is a fascinating topic…and time…yes…

              Indeed, a golden coincidence.

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      1. Excuse not accepted, Vanessa. I would only accept excuses for something boring, uninteresting and incredibly long and tedious, such as my lecture notes on thermodynamics. Perhaps I should post them as an example. Maybe not.

        Yes, it’s a great thoughtful writer image. I have never changed random rowboat dude, all alone at sunset on an enormous lake in the south of Chile. If I ever do, apparently I will need a distraction. But not too major. I’m thinking of a charging rhino on fire.

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  2. Vanessa, this is terrific, especially, the clever word usage, “innominate” and “ersatz”, adding so much (the unspoken) to your story. This is a perfect example of less is more, thoughtfully planned and penned. Your “He” is a beautiful mystery. I like where your words have taken my thoughts and they have ask me to look at some of my own beliefs, as well as to consciously think about the importance of dreams. I think there’s a fine line between the corporeal and the incorporeal, for me thankfully dreams are able to bridge this gap. “Fade Into You” is the perfect song to hold hands with “innominate”. Thank you for sharing this link with me! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, once again!

      The music did inspire the story, and I do so love writing in a mystery, leaving things to the imagination of the reader. It is so much fun, something I loved about creative writing as a child, I don’t want to lose that joy I had then.

      Dreams are a fascinating thing, aren’t they? I’m not sure what all my beliefs are about them – as a christian I definitely believe there can be spiritual qualities, but I read a practical book about them years ago as well, that in the night, our brain goes through a “pruning” process, like a detoxing thing, where things stored in our sub conscious are brought into our conscious mind, then we can decide what to do with them, if we keep them or discard them. As they are symbolic, the point was to concentrate on the emotion that came up in the dream, and focus on that. I found that very interesting, and also very helpful.

      But it is also amazing to me, the strong connections we have with some people, picking up on each other’s thought waves etc, and how that might come into it? In this piece, it is meant to be about the beautiful memories they were creating as well, and the healing, the authenticity they both needed, the hope that was given.

      Thank you for visiting ❤

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      1. Thank you for a wonderful reply, I agree with you dreams are fascinating. While they do serve a practical purpose, it’s fun to think about the impractical too. “Dream world” is such an interesting topic, and how it feeds our “wake world” with things likes creativity, perseverance, and hope (to mention a few). I believe these things (inspiration) keep us going, and perhaps hope is the most important of all. Wishing you a terrific week ahead. 💖

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